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IKEA making my bedroom a sanctuary again

When Guy and I bought our house, we were a young couple (considerably newlyweds 'cos we got married in said house a couple of months after the purchase) just starting out with our family. The house came furnished, albeit distastefully, and we decided that we would live with the existing furniture until we could afford to transform our home. Needless to say, with life (and work *rolls eyes, shakes head*), that day just never came. The bedroom resorted to being JUST a room where our bed was located.

*cue 'Fix You' *

I really felt that I did not do the-most-vital-space-in-the-house any justice considering it has helped me obtain restful sleep, nursed me when I was ill, 'cuddled' me on bad days, played venue for important couple conversations and still continues to be a pivotal location for my morning Instagram scroll.

Like any slumber room upgrade journey, it all begins with that one step.. which I took in the direction of IKEA - the go-to when one's mission is to maximally transform a space with minimum expenditure. Ideally, though unrealistically, the makeover would allow me to hack and tear away the insipid wooden built-ins and that dreadful pleather headboard (seriously, what was the previous home owner thinking??) but that would incur alot of labour cost. Let's face it, I can't hack it myself either heck I'm no Aidan Shaw of SATC.

In order to turn the bedroom into a sanctuary that it deserves to be, it was essential I determine what I feel would add comfort to my bedroom. A comfortable bedroom would greatly help with a restful sleep and we all know that one of the basic human living essentials is catching some Zs, even Harvard Business Review agrees.

My usual: 5pcs Swedish meatballs, shrimp sandwich and coffee (refillable and I just learnt: free from 0900-0930!)

As I sat down to contemplate over some Swedish coffee and sustenance, I started to think back on the lovely bedrooms I've had the privilege to sleep in and with that noting the qualities I intend to implement into mine. I've always wanted to achieve a white bed as they do in the hotels. I'm naturally warm-bodied and the current quilt we're using is too heavy and warm to my liking so I'll need to look into that as well. Scented candles are imperative. Not forgetting a bolster! I would probably require blackout curtains as I need absolute darkness in order to sleep. Y'know wouldn't wanna disrupt my melatonin and the math.. Perhaps I should also look into some cosy lighting for evenings and consider adding some 'life' to the room.

I never realised how crucial the nightstand is to the aesthetics of the room until I began looking into sprucing it up. I've always overlooked the bedside table, treating it as a structure to hold my night reading / mobile phone / spectacles. Little did I know that it is in fact the winged eyeliner to my make-up.. without it I'd feel utterly incomplete. As how my eyeliner makes my look, my nightstand makes my bedroom's look or at least a great bulk of it!

I think my disdain for the existing furniture ran deeper than I would like. Had I understand before that the drabby taste of others does not define my personal style it would have saved me so much hate. I wish I could have made myself comprehend that if it was not possible to work through it, all I had to do was try to work around it.

It's never too late to start over.
If you weren't happy with yesterday, try something different today. Don't stay stuck. Do better
... Unknown ...

Voila! The challenge was to work the change within a budget and with what I already have (being a hoarder I have ALOT). The goal was to engage all 4 senses: sight, smell, sound and sensation.


I was surprised at how much the DVALA quilt cover and pillowcases opened up my room! The natural light is reflected off the white surface of the fabric, brightening up the space almost instantly (take a hard look at image above and now scroll down: BOOM Buh-right, right??). The fabric density maybe slightly sheer but it is still comfortable and affordable. Most importantly it is 100% cotton which makes DVALA breathable especially in our tropical humid weather.

Speaking of light, as much as I appreciate the morning sunlight, Guy and I both need total darkness to get a good night's rest. Besides, physiologically our bodies require a blackout ambience in order to produce natural melatonin. We need melatonin to help us to sleep and do all the goodness antioxidants would. BLEKVIVA has served us well since we moved in and continues to keep light away at night during sleep time like a curtain hero.

I sometimes do a little work or reading in bed prior to sleep which calls for the clamp JANSJO LED spotlight that can be directed towards my side of the bed, offering some beam privacy from the snore monster that lays beside me nightly. It is now on member's sale and is cheaper than the units I found in As-Is! What a freakin' bargain! Just take it.. and go *snap snap*

Without having to paint the wooden surface, I disguised the meh panels by placing white picture frames in front - giving it an illusion that the colour carries over to that bit between the walls and headboard. FISKBO frames are maestros at making art look fabulous at the fraction of what normal framing services would cost. Best thing about FISKBO frames is that they're available in various sizes so you can keep uniformity between the assorted artwork that you have. Guy's side of the nightstand features one of my favourite art: a Rob Ryan cutout print on a tea towel (cheaper way to purchase art. You heard it here first. You're welcome) that says 'Everything that is supposed to be in Heaven, is already here on Earth'. FISKBO frames it just so beautifully, you'd never have guessed it was a tea towel!

Grand total = RM 347. Drop mic.

Until you change your thinking patterns, you will always recycle your experiences
... Black Jaguar ...

One of my personal pride would be this piece de resistance: my new-but-not-new headboard! All I did was string old fairy lights from Christmas around the existing headboard, threw an OFELIA throw (LOL see what I did there?) over it and just thumbtacked everything into place. I believe I got it done in 15 minutes. And the result was nothing short of dreamy! Best viewed at night *wink*


Our sense of smell is so fundamental to our lives. It triggers childhood memories, reminds us of relationships, our desires, our nearly forgotten dreams, and can help us create and capture those perfect moments in time.
... Sarah Horowitz ...

On that note I want the scent of summer berry pies to evoke pleasant thoughts of my bedroom!

Akin to perfume layering, you can create a more complex scent by combining different fragrance elements. In my case I have a sweet vanilla SINNLIG on my side of the nightstand and a blackberry lilac SINNLIG on the other of which, in concert, produces an invitingly sweet aroma that is comforting to say the least.. just like how your mum bakes pie.

Oh yes, that orchid is soo bedside table extra ;) Something about orchids always scream luxe and lush.. especially when placed in a bowl instead of a regular pot. I'm in LOVE with SOMMAR's collection. Isn't that bowl just a bohemian dream? The best part is if the plant ever calls it quits, thanks to my black thumb of course, I can use the bowl for my morning granola. The other plant, Scindapsus aureus, was selected for its ability to remove toxins in the air. If you're going to have an indoor house plant, it might as well be something that can help clean your air. Just so you know, there is a mention (or more) of the Scindapsus Aureus by NASA regarding the former's ability to rid the air of formaldehyde, benzene and more. It is fascinating to know how a small little plant from IKEA that is barely the price of parking can contribute to an airier room.


What used to be a vacant little spot at the foot of the bed is now a table-for-one with the help of the immensely versatile FROSTA stool and my father-in-law's mini rattan chair. I take a seat there for abit when I'm working my clay mask or DIY hair treatment. Otherwise, we all know that a chair is never a chair in the room other than in the study. Yeah, you know what I mean.. ;) Come on.. We all know a chair in the bedroom is really an avenue to hang clothes especially brassieres and T-shirts! Am I not right about this? Heh. Recently I've found an additional use for the mini 'table'. Our new bedroom rule is to place our mobile phones on FROSTA rather than have them beside us on the nightstand. This is to avoid waking up to every subtle beep the phone makes and to inculcate a new habit of NOT constantly reaching out to our phones for no good reason. This way the phone is still within access but yet is considerably away enough to not hamper sleep. In place of mobile devices, our KLACK trays hold books, plants, candles, glasses, drinking apparatus and other sleeping amenities. How pretty does the FASCINERA chopping board look playing home to Guy's watch and a SINNLIG candle?


Nothing evokes hygge more than sinking my feet into a furry TEJN rug. All I need is a cup of hot cocoa topped with marshies and I'm good for the day. Happy feet happy... life?

You know how back in the days the solution to blankets is one word: Toto. Not the 'I bless the rains down in Africa' but the gaudy coloured floral motifs in plastic cuboids from Thai borders. These days you shop for the season and the general basal body temperature. The problem arises when I'm naturally warm while Guy is naturally cool. I'd highly recommend feeling up a duvet upon purchase because you really don't know how anything feels until you wrap it around your body for 30 seconds. What was supposed to be a MYSKGRAS purchase turned into TILKORT instead. As it turns out, upon the usage of the DVALA quilt cover, the TILKORT quilt was cool enough for me and warm enough for him.

Best part about affordable bed covers is that you never need to commit to one. Feeling like a Wonderfuit attendee? SOMMAR will give your room an entire new look altogether. Yesterday you're a duchess, today you're a bohemian festival princess.

These days I dig hanging out in my bedroom so much I'm even eating in it! I have to say having served myself breakfast in bed, I seriously do not do this often enough. It is one of the most awesome thing one can do for her/himself.

My mandala fruit yoghurt is on fleek I kid you not.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, that SOMMAR 2017 collection though...

To say I'm thrilled with my bedroom makeover is an understatement. As we were turning in for the night yesterday, Guy made a remark articulating how the bedroom makeover makes him feel like he's sleeping in a hotel every night. And that, people, is a WIN!

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