Monday, April 03, 2017

IKEA making my bedroom a sanctuary again

When Guy and I bought our house, we were a young couple (considerably newlyweds 'cos we got married in said house a couple of months after the purchase) just starting out with our family. The house came furnished, albeit distastefully, and we decided that we would live with the existing furniture until we could afford to transform our home. Needless to say, with life (and work *rolls eyes, shakes head*), that day just never came. The bedroom resorted to being JUST a room where our bed was located.

*cue 'Fix You' *

I really felt that I did not do the-most-vital-space-in-the-house any justice considering it has helped me obtain restful sleep, nursed me when I was ill, 'cuddled' me on bad days, played venue for important couple conversations and still continues to be a pivotal location for my morning Instagram scroll.

Like any slumber room upgrade journey, it all begins with that one step.. which I took in the direction of IKEA - the go-to when one's mission is to maximally transform a space with minimum expenditure. Ideally, though unrealistically, the makeover would allow me to hack and tear away the insipid wooden built-ins and that dreadful pleather headboard (seriously, what was the previous home owner thinking??) but that would incur alot of labour cost. Let's face it, I can't hack it myself either heck I'm no Aidan Shaw of SATC.

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