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Shelby x Tokyo: Shibuya

Will you be a dog/cat? LOL.

My ramen 'design':
Broth richness level 4 
Noodle texture soft
Spicy level 3 (insufficient though, next time will opt for higher)
Garlic 1 whole clove
Spring onion yes


No better urban meal than to slurp a steaming bowl of DELISH bespoke tonkotsu ramen at Ichiran.
1. Use the (relatively simple) vending machine to purchase your order. I'd also recommend adding on the matcha almond pudding along with their signature bottled tea (or not and have complimentary hot o'cha you can dispense yourself from the tap in your booth).
2. Wait your turn to pass your ticket to the person in charge and fill in the form they hand you denoting how you want your noodles. Locals usually do that at the booth.
3. Be seated. Get comfortable. Hang your coat and/or bag on the wall just behind you. Place your form before you at the 'window' and pour yourself some tea. Someone will come get your order slip and pass you chopsticks.
4. They'll close the blinds of the 'window' and feel free to buzz them with the 'UFO pager' should you require aid. I only buzzed them once 'cos they forgot to hand me cutlery.
5. Your tonkatsu ramen is served. Enjoy!
6. When you're done, leave so the next person waiting in line (probably as long as I did which I'm thinking is close to an hour) can have his/her ramen fix.

Iwamoto Building B1F
1-22-7 Jinnan
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Something about being seated in a space painted in provencal yellow overlooking Shibuya crossing makes for a charming pause from the hustle and bustle of the city. L'Occitane Cafe's food fare is average so have their desserts instead. We had the Dessert Medley and I enjoyed the Chantilly cream dessert the most of the lot. What stole the show was their Rose Tea and Strawberry Sherbet drink. Mmmy was thoroughly obsessed with it. Try to be patient enough to allow the strawberry sherbet to melt into the rose for an amalgamation of refreshing floral delight!

L'Occitane Cafe
Shibuya Ekimae Building
2-3-1 Dogenzaka
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

The Tonkatsu Maisen kurobuta indeed did not disappoint. Kurobuta or "black hog / pig" are really Berkshire pigs known for their tender and flavourful meat. My initial intention was to order a set with the regular pork cut with an attempt to make a fair comparison with the kurobuta but by the time we arrived, the regular pork (much cheaper in price) had sold out and I was too famished to dissect the menu. Between the pork fillet cutlet and sirloin cutlet, I liked the sirloin cutlet better. This was very very good katsu.. I'm sure the kurobuta contributed alot to the taste but also the way the meat was cooked: crunchy, light and juicy!

Tonkatsu Maisen
Shibuya Hikarie 6F
2-21-1 Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Being in the gift-giving business I am is such awe of the Japanese omiyage tradition. Only in Japan do they make a plastic container of berries or individually wrapped financiers a gift worthy of royalty! Be spoilt for choice of foodstuff omiyage at the food halls of Tokyu Food Show and Toyoko Noren-Gai (newly refurbished food hall that adjoins Tokyu Food Show). Bring home delicate mochi, Henri Charpentier madeleines (family favourite), baumkuchen (German cake but in matcha... hello!), daifuku (round rice cakes with sweet filling), fugetsudo (cream-filled wafer biscuits) and hiyoko (bird looking biscuits) cakes. Le sister was obsessed with Takano's strawberry shortcake awhile Mmmy savoured her every morsel of melon jelly. We also bought to-go hanami bento sets, ebi tempura and sushi for dinner along with chilled corn tea for a relaxed meal time back in the hotel. Understated but remarked by le mother as one of the better meals she's had in Tokyo.

Tokyu Food Show
Tokyu Toyoko Department Store
2-24-1 Dogenzaka
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Toyoko Noren-Gai 
Shibuya Mark City
1-12-2 Dogenzaka
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo


Do as in Charlotte of 'Lost in Translation', 'Fast and Furious' and Shosh of 'Girls' (Season 5, Episode 3) and conquer Shibuya Crossing like a bawse. Watch the little ants scurry along the monochrome pedestrian as the green man lights up in multitude of directions from the vantage point of Starbucks, L'Occitane Cafe or Shibuya 109.

Oh Hachi. This is not just a statue of a pet. This is the Hachiko statue. If you are not familiar with the story, go educate yourself or watch the movie Hachi. I will not waste further ATP to explain how remarkable this Akita was *tear*. Also it's constantly crowded with people so don't be barbaric and join a queue should there be one. The dog ain't going anywhere-lah.

Hachiko Plaza
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Those 4 words is sufficient to portray how amazeballs Donki (Don Quijote) is. An emporium of all things essential to life and not, browse through the many aisles of drinks, confectioneries, apparel, beauty products, electronic gadgets, home ware, luggages and contact lenses! Pay at the 2nd floor cashier counter to get your 8% tax return done on the spot (min 5000 purchase for consumables and 10000 for non consumables). Look out for the many flavours of KitKat (bought wasabi, rum and raisin and cheesecake), Asahi / Red Bull in sakura print, sakura sake, Gudetama fugetsudo, sushi keychains, My Melody Wonder Collect Puff, printed facial masks (bought Hello Kitty and Lululun ones), instant matcha lattes, contact lenses, Fujifilm instax refills, Cosplay costumes, ceramic knives etc.

Don Quijote Shibuya
2-25-8 Dogenzaka
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Another purchasing paradise is Loft! Loft has a wider choice of unique local-themed souvenirs and stationery items. Personally, if Donki's a place where I buy stuff for people, Loft's a place where I buy stuff for myself. Check out their MT and Maste washi tape corner along with rows upon rows of stickers and greeting cards! Le mother and sister bought very kawaii Hant luggages (under the helm of Ace company which also produces Proteca) while I ogled over bento boxes (sized to calorie count) and Kakuno fountain pens.

18-2 Udagawacho
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Ahem. Matsumoto Kiyoshi. Yup just like City Pharma in Paris but Japanese... and may I add fun-ner (grammar Nazis relax)! LOL. I understand, this place is intimidating. However, don't be put off by the gazillion of products crammed side-by-side with exploding kanji everywhere in a sea of candy-coloured product packaging. Like all beauty departments, there are specific categories to each aisle or row so it isn't too difficult to differentiate between a bottle of shampoo and body wash, besides the word shampoo is pretty much printed on every shampoo bottle. I would suggest coming prepared with a list and folder of relevant image in your Dropbox so you don't get too overwhelmed by the TONS of brands and product type: oily, whitening, dry, sensitive gahhhh. I saw a Hongkie dude shopping for his girlfriend and he had a printed list of pictures which made him highly independent and just a whiz in the store. Check out my post on Japanese drugstore haul here.

Matsumoto Kiyoshi
23-3 Udagawa-cho
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Post Office 24-hour

Elixir of joyful zen.

“Never mind, said Hachiko each day. Here I wait, for my friend who’s late. I will stay, just to walk beside you for one more day.” 
... Jess C. Scott, Skins, Animal Stories ...

One of each please.


Japanese ichigo (strawberry) is just something else!

The Dessert Medley at L'Occitane Cafe.

Do you have any Shibuya favourites to share? Comment below!

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