Friday, April 01, 2016

Japanese (Tokyo) Drugstore Beauty Haul 1.0

Like French pharmacy products, what is remarkable about Japanese drugstore beauty stuff is that you really get a bang for your buck. Consider the treasures you can find for just ¥100 (if we're talking dollar to dollar would equate to RM1) in Daiso a benchmark as to how much they can stretch their dollar. Like I mentioned beforethe place is intimidating. However, don't be put off by the gazillion of products crammed side-by-side with exploding kanji everywhere in a sea of candy-coloured product packaging. Prepare a list beforehand and I assure you that you will be far from disappointed. Besides many of the young staff are able to converse in simple English so don't be shy to ask. Above all there's ALWAYS our good pal Google Translate! Let's embark on the haul journey, shall we :)
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