Saturday, March 05, 2016

Saturdate with Sunday Riley

Not another Sunday Riley review you say :)

I bought Sunday Riley's Good Genes £85 and Artemis £60 at SpaceNK when I was in London last year but never got round to properly using them. I vaguely remember trying them both once on the face to check for allergies (no allergies fortunately) and that was pretty much the last contact I had with the two bottles. I enjoy my existing habitual skin regime ever since I developed a chronic case of facial eczema during my pre-wedding days and it takes multiple conscious reminders to myself when I'm trying to mix things up or include a new product into the cycle.

I came across Sunday Riley via Romana's IG post and later on a discussion between her and Paris when we were out for lunch together. People generally seem to rave about this product (and equally regretting the YIKES price). This piqued my curiosity immensely. Cult products are... my weakness. Heh.

Admittedly I was never previously a big fan of lactic acid based products. My skin was never one that could tolerate chemical exfoliants well. Not that I'm a convert now but I've learnt to work around the product for my skin to be able to tolerate it. Either that or my skin's being cordial with Good Genes. 

Good Genes can be used either as a daily serum or as a needed peel / mask. I use it as a mask rather than as a daily serum as after the 3rd day of daily use I could feel my skin aggravating. Perhaps I may reattempt by mixing a minute amount of it in my daily moisturizer but this remains as a thought for now. The texture is milky and the scent is tart. It may be too early to experience the brightening / plumping effects of the treatment although Zana (who I helped purchase a bottle for) sent me a before-after image comparison and swears that by the 4th use she could see tremendous improvement to her old moon crater acne scars. I did feel my skin smooth out but not in the silky sense. It felt like peach fuzz. I wasn't sure if that was the intended effect but I doubt smooth skin equates the surface of a peach cleavage.

It was only when I coupled the treatment with Artemis that I understood what the infatuation was about. The hype is indeed quite real. 

So Artemis. Why Artemis? Why not Luna - the Kim Kardashian of the Kardashian siblings? Or Flora for that matter? Well I'm not super into retinol-based products. Also my brief research on Luna revealed that the retinol content does pose a questionable risk to pregnant / breastfeeding ladies. I had my impending IVF in the works so despite the desire to combat my annoying adult acne I opted for Artemis instead which contains a "complexion-balancing blend of clarifying, toning and detoxifying oils for a clean and healthy 'glow from within'". Oooh sounds promising.

I don't say this often but man this product stinks. Literally. I would assume that the Lemon Ironbark and Lemon Myrtle content would have been able to drown out the combination of elements that makes the oil smell semi-putrid but no. Alright, alright I'm over-exaggerating but the smell isn't the most friendly to the nasal palate. To describe it pleasantly would be to remark that it is herbaceously woody.

I had read that with most, if not all, of Sunday Riley products require some sort of an 'adjustment period'. It is the same for me. Artemis did cause for a minor influx of breakouts (when used on its own and in combination with Good Genes though lesser with the latter). What I did discover is that when used in combination with each other (Good Genes as a 20-minute mask, washed off with Bisou BonBon Printemps soap followed by 3 drops of Artemis patted around the face before massaging it lightly in using circular movements) my skin felt soft and smooth the next day. I have achieved this result with various other products before so I wouldn't call them revolutionary but I am currently benefiting from the synergy. I will continuously use them for a fortnight to properly gauge my skin response but I am relieved that it is working out the way I've expected them to. I'm pretty excited to see where this brings my skin. I know so many who swears by this product. Zana's one for starters and she only uses Good Genes. 

Are you a fan of Sunday Riley? Which is your favourite?

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