Sunday, March 06, 2016

Hello Kitty Go Around Malaysia

When Hello Kitty goes around, I come around.

Even if it's 'Back To School' with a backpack thrice my size. She ain't heavy, she's my sister.

I'm sure you're already familiar with the fact that I LOVE HELLO KITTY (so much so I have to say it in caps. Yup, that's how serious it is). I preordered a weekday ticket to Hello Kitty Go Around Malaysia in October last year for myself because:
  1. There's an early bird discount
  2. I figured the crowd would be tamer
  3. I'm kind of the only Hello Kitty fan I know in my social circle. Sad but true. 

I was counting down the days when pre-Christmas rolled in and I was swamped with work! Soon enough December went by in a flash and by the time I remembered it was the last day of the carnival. I can still remember... it was 3pm in the afternoon when I decided I would check my ticket to make plans for a visit. Much to my horror the event was due that very day at 5pm. It would have been impossible to rush across the city to Viva Home in Cheras with the weekday traffic. I surrendered to the fact that I totally made a blunder of the entire thing.

As I was feeling sorry for myself through the Chinese New Year celebrations, I received an email from Hello Kitty Go Around that they have decided to extend the dates of the carnival right up to Valentine's Day!

AND they were giving out free tickets to pre-order peeps so they can make a revisit.!

AND I could bring a plus-one! 

Ecstatic was an understatement at that point. Guy and I decided we would head over once we returned from Padang Serai. 

Awkward is having parents and their little ones watch you as you strike Tyra poses for photographs.

The entrance was pretty impressive. I especially loved the Ticket Booth installation. It had such a Britney Circus Tour feel to it. Upon entering, we were immediately greeted by pastel Sanrio characters on carousels. They were for the in-house photography facility so we didn't bother with that. Well the rest of it was umm.. well to put it cordially... if you're a Hello Kitty fan it's worth a visit but if you're not, you might find it to be a rip-off. There aren't enough figurines or installation to warrant the ticket price and everything else (to play a game or send a postcard etc) requires a voucher. So that part kinda blows. 

Aside from the entrance I absolutely loved the claw machine installation: Hello Kitty Fashion Catcher. We got to be each other's catch hehe. That and the fake tattoo parlour where I got my fingers inked. Also enjoyed Mama's Kitchen where you have to toss the ingredients into their designated cooking utensil like the bag of floor into the oven. If you caught the vid on my Snapchat you'll understand it is wayyy too difficult! 

Apple Temple where Hello Kitty weighs 5 apples and is 3 apple tall.

Glasses: Bangkok

Did you go around Hello Kitty Go Around? Which was your favourite bit?

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