Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Shelby's 10 WANT List

... and stuff that keeps me up yearning, longing, craving, coveting and desiring at night.

Sometimes I get to own them. Most times they end up on my Pinterest board.

Blank Space / Style Mashup by Louisa Wendorff / Devin Dawson

Man do I love a good mashup! Great mashes by Jakeman & Skeletor is one thing but boy do YouTube acoustic covers take everything to a whole new level! These people are musical geniuses! I was so obsessed with Louisa and Devin's version that at one point I had to listen to it once a day just to stay sane. He truly embodies the James Dean daydream look in his eyes and she that red-lip classic American girl that we like. You know you're in for helluva all-American cruise down the melody lane the moment Devin strums that first chord and his Nashville accent glides through Taylor's lyrics like spring water flowing from brooks into rivers. Argh love!

Oh and just because I feel the ultimate need to share more online gems (garnered from my extensive search of good mashes): here are 2 fantastic ones which I know you will enjoy. (If you don't, we are not friends)

Yes, you are welcome.

See You Again / Love Me Like You Do / Sugar Mashup by Megan Davies / Jacs / Tasha

Thinking Out Loud / I'm Not The Only One Mashup by Sam Tsui / Casey Breves

I always knew of the existence Mantrabands. Years in fact. Stumbled upon it in WeHeartIt (lol.. yup you pinning freaks may recognise this as the precursor to Pinterest) but always thought it was a prop. It was only recently via IG that I realized that Mantrabands really do exist! And you can buy these zen bangles off the internet *gasp* A very #shutupandtakemymoney moment for me. I want to wear my life mantras on my wrist.

If you happen to be own a Mantraband, let me know which is yours :) 

Image source: Apple

Hello Kitty x Beats by Dr. Dre Solo2 On-Ear Headphones Special Edition
I don't care if you think people who use Beats are d*cks. These are amazeballs.

Image source: Seruni Indigo / Batika by Hudaa

Image source: Seruni White / Batika by Hudaa

I read somewhere that it was the Chinese that introduced pastel colours to batik prints and lo and behold Monet on fabric! Something about Batika by Hudaa's Seruni White / Indigo kain that invites sensual intrigue and double takes. They were the booth behind mine at Marktplatz and who could ignore such delightful prints of phoenixes, butterflies and hydrangeas. They do carry up to a (miniscule) L but I'd be better of getting it custom done (for an additional fee) 'cos the beauty of a kain is how much it fits you(r ass) like a glove. 

Image source: Flurt Mag
You know how watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S and SATC in your 20s just isn't quite the same as watching the reruns now in my 30s? The jokes are funnier, the puns are more relevant and I identify with the crisis ever more than before. It is only now as i embark on mine, that I truly felt the pain and the frustrations of Charlotte, Monica and Chandler in their subfertility journey.

On that note, how I wish Girls existed in my 20s! Like Hannah, product of a baby boomer, I, too, was given the official cut-off when I started working much to my horror. Though I'm still offered charitable handouts here and there, being shoved into handling my personal finances was an absolute eye-opener to this middle-class child. It was also a time when awkward me was curious about dating and social trigonometry... man how I wish Lena Dunham (and her essays) was born just 5 years earlier!

Favourite Girl: Jessa Johansson. Who's yours?

Real pleased by the reformulated batch of (Castille) Jour soap by Bisou BonBon. The high percentage of olive oil formula makes for a creamy, gentle bar that should please those with sensitive skin. Scented very lightly with Lavender essential oil, it makes daytime showers wishful and dreamy.

Look at this handsome watch. Going back to basics and taking a leaf out of say.. P.Ramlee's wrist, Malaya Co's 419120 is the epitome of an heirloom piece. Looking as relevant as it would in the 1950s as it would now, it's the quintessential gift for nostalgic dads or the hipster of today. I especially adore the rose gold on navy leather.

Image source: Wikipedia

Taylor Swift. 1989.
She said: "I say I heard that you been out and about with some other girl
Some other girl
He says, what you've heard it's true but I
Can't stop thinking about you and I
I said I've been there too a few times"

My life track at 26. Taylor's like every girl's animal spirit. I mean this girl wrote 'You Belong With Me' for crying out loud!

This so belongs on a tote bag. So.

Image source: Musotrees
Can you believe all the images in Musotrees Magazine were captured with an iPhone? Don't we all hope one day we can take such phenomenal pictures with our mobile phone? I do and I'm more encouraged than ever!

Image source: Says
Can someone please tell me where I can get me some of this Roti Tsunami sorcery??

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