Monday, May 25, 2015

festival belia putrajaya 2015 #fbp2015

At the last hour I decided to accept JYi's invitation to pop over to Festival Belia Putrajaya 2015 for a mosey.

I had read on my Facebook feed that my homegirls Eats, Shoots and Roots will be hosting a Plant Mixology in collaboration with Dewakan so it was decided that that would be our first stop.

Snipping off some kemangi (lemon basil).

Don't they just look delightful? I need me a bottle of Eats, Shoots & Roots x Dewakan Pandan syrup!

So how it goes is that you choose the herb you wish to work with... in my case I started out thinking I wanted to work with basil but ended up switching to kemangi, lemon basil, instead 'cos I figured basil in a drink seemed a lil' too pesto-esque for me. Then you snip about 3 inches off the plant just after the shoot or branch 'cos the roots will germinate from that part of the plant. The leaves get plucked out for my drink which I paired with iced tea.

Top: Primark
Shorts & Aviator shades: H&M
Bag: Jeff Koons x H&M
Flipflops: Havaianas
Hat: Cotton On

A cup of Kemangi goodness.

After finishing a tall glass of ice-blended Kemangi tea, I drilled holes in the very same drink container and filled it with rocks and some earth-sand-compost mixture. Following that the bald stalks from my drink gets stuffed into the 'pot' and gets a generous helping of fluids from the watering can. A vine gets tied to the container and voila: plant handbag!

Gettin'  dirty.

Here's my Festival Belia Putrajaya 2015 essentials! What are your festival must-haves?
1. Hat: Cotton On
2. Cold drink: Eats, Shoots & Roots
3. Powerbank: Pineng
4. Facial mist: Avene
5. Insect repellent: Mozzie-A-GoGo by Bisou BonBon
6. iPod mini
7. Solid Perfume: Lorraine by Bisou BonBon
8. Shades: H&M

Love these girls and their ever brilliant work at Eats, Shoots and Roots. Bring home the very same plant that quenched your thirst..

Sashayed to the neighbouring booth only to find a familiar face. Though it did begin as a social obligation but I ended up having quite a creatively serene time at Dumpster.My sketching and soaking in the ambience.

Capitalizing on the breezy morning by allowing the brain to zen out on doodles. Always the chatterbox in class when I should be focused on sketching my carton iPad cover.

Admiring JHwei's work as I worked on my *ahem* (Let's just call it) abstract art on a carton iPad cover (very cool!).

For a moment as I sat there by the lake with a Sharpie in my hand spacing out to Monoloque's soundcheck, I felt free.

Mind in double knots at Biji-Biji's installation.


Said succinctly.

We also popped by an acquaintance's booth to self-embroider our own design on a kraft notebook at Maker Playground. JYi did such a great job with her diamond! Can you tell what's mine??

This was our favourite activity of the lot. Best of all everything we've done has been free!

At Maker Playground custom-your-own tote bag station, I 'Choose Joy'. 

Always a laugh with these girls and Kare :)
Spectacular work JHwei! Had good fun at Festival Belia Putrajaya with JYi. 

Till the next year maybe... Always a belia at heart :)

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