Thursday, May 14, 2015

Shelby's 10 WANT List

... and stuff that keeps me up yearning, longing, craving, coveting and desiring at night.

Sometimes I get to own them. Most times they end up on my Pinterest board.

Image source: Ebay

I did not read the book thus I took quite a strong liking to the movie. I know so many of my friends, avid fans of Christian Grey, who were thoroughly disappointed with the casting choice. I'm probably one of the last few to watch it but venturing into the show with no expectations made me develop an appreciation for the storyline and even the choice of Anastasia Steele. I could somewhat empathise with Christian's need to disseminate his pent-up pain and childhood agony albeit in an unorthodox fashion. I used to wonder if I could ever tolerate BDSM but looking at the size of the flogging material and the force that can be exerted from it, I don't think it is something for me. I'm happy with some heavy spanking but that's just probably as far as I'd go. I digress. Thanks to the infamous bitten lower lip (that I personally practice when I'm aroused), I took notice of Anastasia's makeup and was quite mesmerized by that nude coquettish ensemble. Turns out Make Up For Ever came out with a collection for Fifty Shades of Grey on Valentine's Day inspired by the look on the set. 4 months too late, the Tease Me Lip Trio in Passionate Berry is now sold out (much to my utter despair) but if I'm not mistaken, based on afew fleeting reads on beauty blogs, most of the colours are existing products in their regular collection so I could quite easily replicate the set ala carte: 
Aqua Lip lip pencil in Matte Raspberry 10C
Aqua Rouge lipstick in Limited Edition Shade 50
Clear Lab Shine lip gloss in D4 Shimmering Grenadine
Just that it ain't the same if it doesn't come in a box with Christian's face on it :(

Oh and the soundtrack is MEGA AWESOME. Get it.

Wild Rose dress. Image source: Anthropologie
Peony dress. Image source: Paper Crown.
Forget Me Not dress. Image source: Paper Crown.

Trust LC to reel in Rifle Paper Co. for her Paper Crown clothing line. What a spectacular collab. Rifle Paper Co. floral prints just bring such smiles. Makes us all wanna unearth our dusty OC soundtracks and watch old episodes of SoCal Laguna Beach, non? Rifle Paper Co. x Paper Crown is also available at the-store-we-all-love: Anthropologie.
California here we come.. right back where we started from.

Cheery like a cherry Pop Tart. BihZhu's new single Bright Veins are like Sunday morning rays of sunshine peeking through your windows telling you the larks are up and chirping while the smell of breakfast waffles permeates the air. It's easy, breezy and best of all melodically assuring that everything will be OK. 

Image source: Shelbijou

Can't help but have some self-love over the dainty statement pieces from Shelbijou. Gabrielle (pictured above) is made with freshwater baroque pearls procured from Borneo. Elegant and demure is an understatement!

Image source: Amazon

Conversation, but more of public declaration of love, on Facebook:

Lau (an ex-colleague): Hozier, where have you been all my life? What a voice!
Me: Asked myself the same thing the whole of last week
Lau: I have a soft spot for crooners, but one with indie sensibilities? Get out of town!
Me: It took a Victoria Secret show for me to be introduced to him. I felt so lame that I had to compensate for my ignorance by listening to every single version of take me to church on Youtube. every single one. And man this guy is hardworking... he's sung like on kazillion shows!
Lau: Man crush confirmed.
Me: Angels + Hozier = I can spontaneously combust like now. I can't even!

Lau: Thanks! Saving this haha.

Image source: Nala Designs

A picture of the perfect stool. Love that art nouveau rendition of the local Kuih Lapis by Nala Designs :) This Kueh stool makes for good underwear-only mangosteen / durian huddles :) 

Image source: Lang Leav
Image source: Lang Leav

Dear Lang Leav,

I love you.

Love, Shelby.

Image source: Lang Leav

Image source: Cartier

It's a Cartier. Amulette de Cartier to be precise. Need I say more?

Image source: Hairchalk 

I've always desired pink hair. But with the job (what are your thoughts about a cotton candy unicorn mane neighbourhood GP?) I just felt it will always be something I'd admire on someone else's head. Recently I've been heavily contemplating going this shade but I still don't know what with the bleaching and all that jazz. You'll have to watch this space.

Image souce: Daily Billboard 

You have to watch this show: 7 Deadly Sins on Fox Crime. It's so sinfully bizarre! I learn something new in every episode like the bit on a full-bodied silicone female suit for men, sugar babies, life-like infant dolls... the list goes on. What I did notice is if there's a fetish, there's a business to support it. I used to pride myself into thinking I had a pretty vast, albeit superficial, knowledge of the kinky and inner desires but boy was I seriously mistaken. I learn something new every Monday.

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