Thursday, May 21, 2015

Shelby's 10 WANT List

... and stuff that keeps me up yearning, longing, craving, coveting and desiring at night.

Sometimes I get to own them. Most times they end up on my Pinterest board.

Don't Dream It's Over cover by Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande for Happie Hippie.

I. Can't. Even.
One of the most pleasant things I've heard in awhile. Apart from Hozier. I have to say I used to be a lil meh about Ariana but after 'Love Me Harder' and this. She's right up there in between Anastasia Steele and Gigi Hadid.

Image source: Rifle Paper Co

Need all rectangular cosmetic pouches. ALL Rectangular Pouches.

Desert Rose Maxi Dress. Image source: For Love and Lemons.
Luau Maxi Dress. Image source: For Love and Lemons.
I'm so obsessed with For Love and Lemons sheer dresses! Only problem is I don't know if I could slink, *ahem* stuff, myself into their size L. Why do gorgeous clothes come in such small sizes?? Why?
(N.B. Killer Dolce is the local stockist for For Love and Lemons in Malaysia)

Be Mine Bralette. Image source: For Love and Lemons.
Cross Your Heart Underwire Bra. Image source: For Love and Lemons.
Bluebella Nova Bra. Image source: Bluebella

I'm equally as obsessed about their (For Love and Lemons) lingerie. Sheer bralettes are so divine. Them and cut-out strappy ones like the Bluebella Nova ouvert boudoir bra. Feasting my eyes on them errday sends thrilling shivers down my spine. I've always been madly in love with boudoir lingerie. Contrary to belief, I wear them for myself. It makes me feel so dreamy and whimsical inside.

Whilst we're on the subject. How about Karley Sciortino's Breathless: Mastering The Art Of Sexting on I know I'm pretty good at it :)

Christopher Kane x Nars. Image source: Nars USA.

Have always been delighted with Christopher Kane for his edginess ever since his debut collection in 2007. I even had a dress made fashioned to his nude-neon juxtaposition and yes, I still have it hanging in my closet :) Looking forward to swatch Christopher Kane x Nars Starscape Blush, Mezmer Lip Gloss and the Quantum Illuminating Multiple

Image credit: LimitStyle

Goodbye washitape pillow wrap (over iPhone cable joints)! Hello Lightning Saver!
Just purchased one for everyone in the family and for the Macbook Air. Can't wait for them to arrive.

Image source: Distractify

"Hong Kong has just opened the world's very first Hello Kitty-themed restaurant."
Hello Kitty hargau FTW! Can you honestly look me in the eye and tell me that them Hello Kitty pau did not make you go "aww" inside? I most definitely need to make my pilgrimage very very soon. 

Image source: Cosmopolitan Hong Kong

I had to take a moment to catch my breath when I saw this image being shared on Facebook. These are Le Creuset's Chiffon Pink range and my my my aren't they eye candy?? I thought my Rose casserole find was fabulous until I laid my eyes on their Chiffon Pink range. Look at the Flower Casserole and that cast-iron Heart piece. Even Maggi Mee would be delish if cooked in a pot like that. 

Stumbled upon an episode of 'Setia Hujung Nyawa' (book turn tele series) and was so mesmerized by Najwa Latif's 'Adamu' which is the opening song to the show. A positive song no doubt but tinged with a wee bit of melancholia. Just the way I like it.

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