Tuesday, April 21, 2015

the generation that belongs nowhere (part 1?)

I never knew what Pan Mee was until I was 16. Seriously. I would see these stalls at the breakfast hawker centres (oh you know.. just your regular neighbourhood hawker centres or when I was young O&S. Yup O& fking S where you would wait half an hour to get a table and another half before your food would arrive. Sometimes the Loh Bak uncle would forget your order and you'd be waiting like a moron for something that was never going to come. I digress). Yes, so Pan Mee. Pan and mee. Noodle in a pan? Like fried noodles? I was always curious as to what they were but being a regular Chinese kid is pretty much eating whatever your mother orders you. You don't really question stuff when you're a child. I can probably understand where my mother was coming from with regards to her executive decisions when it came to ordering food. Finances were tight when the family was starting out so it made much more sense to always order the comfort food they know rather than take a chance of a dive into the unknown gastronomical abyss. I get that but boy was I missing out on the world.

Monday, April 20, 2015

coachella crushin'

Not crazy about the Coachella lineup but boy do I love the festival streetwear raining on the sunny meadows of California. So much bohemia in the air.. argh gerams especially this sparkling romper by Marina & The Diamonds and girl du jour Gigi Hadid! So obsessed with Gigi since she made first face on Max Mara NYFW Fall 2015 runway. I cannot imagine anyone else who would be this successful in emulating such Aphrodite-quality energy wrapped in a simple camel coat. I've not had a girl crush this heavy since Mirinda Kerr (pre Mrs Bloom). She is gorgeous, just gorgeous!

Image credit: Nylon (Nina Westervelt)

Image credit: Nylon (Nina Westervelt)

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

dewakan with chef darren teoh

This week has been filled with profound experiences, latest of which was my lunch at Dewakan today. This culinary gem showcases contemporary Malaysiana cuisine in the most curious location.. as all best-kept-secrets are, non? Hidden in a lil nook at KDU Glenmarie campus, they've just got their sign put up but it can be tricky for a newbie. It faces the open-air carpark if this tip makes it any easier.

Breadstick 'twigs' accompanied by budu mayo and cucur balls bathed in kerisik.

Monday, April 06, 2015

in tune and in heart

It was a bleak Monday morning.

I love bleak mornings, don't you? There's a certain charm to it... just beyond twilight, just before the piercing day sets in. I should be on my Macbook air typing out the analysis of my data collection for the one out of three thesis pending for submission at the end of this month but like every productive human on earth I'm scrolling through my Facebook feed. Pictures of babies being fed, ex-unimates hawking their Ponzi scheme disguised as a too-good-to-be-true-work-from-home-and-earn-thousands deals, personal anecdotes of how the newly-implied GST ruined their lives (I concur though), Monday blues picture quotes... in other words mundane, mundane and more mundane. That was until the video JHwei shared popped up as priority. Most probably due to the likes it was getting. I was going to pass on clicking 'play' except she said:

"When I saw her live in Singapore back in 2012, I haven't really broken into the album this song was from. She gave a bit of background of this song before she performed and I just fell in love the minute she started singing.
The song is about a girl finally being all the things he wanted her to be - but it all means nothing because he isn't around anymore. And she sings 'if only you / had found a way to love me for who I am / the way that I loved you'."

Something inside nudged me to move my Magic Mouse cursor towards the encapsulated white triangle. Perhaps it's because I trust JHwei's impeccable taste in music (especially indie) or maybe it's 'cos her name is Rachael. I've been discovering alot of talented Rachel / Rachaels lately.. like Rachel Khoo. She's sooo gorgeous and her petite apartment is such a darling. Her food tweaks are as adorable as her pigtails. Oops I digress.

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