Saturday, February 21, 2015

coca cola chicken

Alot of you may know that I'm abysmal in the kitchen. But I do, though, have a secret weapon. A weapon I use to, in a sense, woo my man, impress friends at potluck and surprise strangers with a conversational piece. 

Everyone has a signature dish. Mine just happens to be Danni's :) Yes, Danni from college. Nobody said one's signature dish has to be one's invention / creation! Kan? So Danni Danni Danni... Danni from Beijing. She has many signature dishes but the one that really knocked my socks off was her Coca Cola Chicken! Come on even the name is strangely impressive. Memories of slaving over the stove in that minuscule kitchenette in Brighton comes flooding back. We used to have massive cookouts back in college.. so bloody Asian of us come to think of it XD 

This was quite a success at a recent CNY potluck so I thought I'd share the joy. Read more for the recipe:

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

cny snack series

As I listened to the laborious effort that went to making Mama Fong's cute lil pillows of rolls, my thoughts (and mouthful of floss) came to a standstill. Here I was popping them in every 5 seconds without taking into the consideration of how much care went into each piece. I decided there and then I would savour every crunch and be reminded that I would not practice mindless consumption especially when it comes to Mama Fong's rolls. This got me thinking... my selection of CNY snacks ought to be celebrated! Every year only selected cookies / snacks make the cut (either ' cos they're way too yummy, to return a business favour or help a business in need) and they're made with so much love that I want people to know about them! Mucking about one CNY eve morning, I decided to do exercise my Vogue Summer Course-granted creative muscle with some flat-lay still-life styling :) Hope you enjoy the series...

Episode 1: Striking a balance between the pineapple and crust is the key to a good ‪pineapple tart‬. Ms Bulat's has the pineapple filling just nicely sweetened with a hint of tart, complimenting the buttery pastry. What's most delightful is that they look TOO CUTE for consumption I was fortunate to get the last box!

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