Wednesday, January 21, 2015

giveaway: eats, shoots and roots

I am so in awe of the people behind Eats, Shoots and Roots. I've always known of them. I follow the company on Instagram: @eatsshootsandroots and have always thought of dropping by the garden. I am so in awe of their concept to educate people about urban farming / agriculture so they can be empowered to be self-sustainable. Aargh how fantastic is that?? 

When I bumbled in for a business meeting one day, little did I know his latecomer friends who I felt were so well-versed with botanical knowledge were actually the people of Eats, Shoots and Roots! And who should wheel their trolley to set up next to my booth at a market but the lovely ladies themselves!

Grow yourself a Curry / Ulam / Stir-fry garden with Eats, Shoots and Roots seed boxes which features seed packs of vegetables, herbs and spices along with peat pallets and plant markers. What I really adore about this products is that the plants in their garden are allowed to cross-pollinate which makes them stronger and hence produce more viable seeds. 

I bought a Curry seed box for myself and am eager to give it a try very soon. This black thumb is gonna dust its shoulder off and try and try again. Their seed boxes are now available for purchase online. They make fab gifts especially for family and friends overseas missing a curry or cili padi plant. Give Eats, Shoots and Roots some love by supporting their shop, joining their interesting workshops (building a cob oven or bamboo stool / edible gardening etc) or visit their garden to offer some manpower in Jalan Gasing if you can! Who knows, you might actually be the one to start an urban agricultural movement in your housing area?

When Shelbijou meets Eats, Shoots and Roots, there will be lots of nomming involved. Aren't Shao-Lyn and Beatrice such sparkling souls?

Instagram: @eatsshootsandroots


I am giving out 3 pocketful of Celery seeds (and a wee bit more!) from Eats, Shoots and Roots.

Just tell me:
- If you could be a seed ,what seed would you be? 
- Your email

Leave your answer on the comment box HERE or on my Instagram post (or BOTH to increase your chances!) and the winners will be picked randomly at the end of the week. The prize will be posted to the winners at no additional cost :) 

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