Saturday, October 04, 2014

mansur gavriel bucket bag

It's been a long time since I fell head over heels.

I was reminded of that old notorious feelings that I've buried deep inside. 

Wearing my favourites:
Primark atmosphere basic top
Uniqlo pants (that I practically live in now! every single person I've introduced this pants to, they end up buying two)
new favourite Mansur Gavriel bucket bag in Black-Blu
Zara kitten heels 

It was Desire. 
For A Bag.

Women and handbags.. there are moments the joy can be better than sex.
Exhilarated my Mansur Gavriel bucket bag is here! So so lucky to have nabbed one.. (

Of recent I've developed a penchant for bucket bags and was searching for the ultimate one until I laid my eyes on Eva Chen's and went, "WHOAH! Where have you been all my life you oh darling Mansur Gavriel?" It screamed urban hippie, laid back but fashion forward and most of all dreamy with direction. The leather looked rich and solid, I wanted to take a gnaw of it. I had to have it.

So I went online but found that the combination (Black/Flamma) I wanted was sold out. Afew moments later I could not access to the website. The server was down.  Turns out that particular moment as I was browsing through potential purchases, hundreds of thousands if not millions were onto it as well. Disappointed but unrelenting, I figured I'd try again later. Afew moments later, the site was up! I found even more bags were sold out from the collection and I had a choice between Black/Blue or Black/Oro. It was a now or never situation and the numbers were depleting quickly. I had another dilemma: Regular or Mini?? Arghhh hashtag first world problems! Without hesitating further I went *click* regular size *click click* Black/Blu *click* Pay! It was such a serendipitous moment because right after I paid, everything was SOLD OUT. Ninja skills *kiss shoulder*


The only inconvenient bit about the process is that the bag ships via courier so you can imagine the shipping fee (US to Asia). That and an additional custom tax upon receiving the item as advised by the courier company.

Otherwise this made in Veneto bag is Fantastico. The amount of compliments and recognition from strangers, shopping assistant and fellow fashion course mates itself makes the splurge worthwhile. Rachel Mansur and Floriana Gavriel answered every girl's need in a bucket bag. They made it sleek and unkempt. It is spacious without going overboard in the bulky department. They gave you a detachable leather pouch to keep your loose change or love letters and they made them in such luscious colours... I'm now eyeing on their mini bucket bag! Restocking in December... best of luck to us all!


Anonymous said...

HI shelbaby,
possible to share me your purchase via online to asia country?


shelbybisou said...

hello reina, have since replied your email. so very sorry for the delay! good luck with purchasing your MG :)

Kim Chang said...

Hi Shelby, can u share more bout e uniqlo pants mentioned above? Like product code or id... would like to get one for myself.

Thanks in advance!!!

Kim Chang said...

Hi Shelby, I'm interested in gettin e uniqlo pants u mentioned... would appreciate if u can share e product id or code number so i can hunt em down e asier ☺

Thanks in advance dear 😁

shelbybisou said...

hello kim chang, the product code to the pants is 095603 (lucky i have a record mentioning it on instagram). hope they're still available.. good luck!

Kim Chang said...

:) thank u for ur reply shelby. * gonna follow u in instagram * lots of love!

ying-hoang said...

Hi Shelby, do you mind sharing with me the cost of shipment and tax and duration to Malaysia? Thanks!

sweetiegem <3 said...



shelbybisou said...

ying hoang and sweetiegem: do email me at for details :)

Sh'n Yee Lee said...

Hi Shelby, thank you so much for your email!!! Really appreciate your help and information given!!

Many thanks!!

Caryn said...

Hi Shelby, thanks for replying to my email :)

sweetiegem <3 said...

Thank you for your helpful reply.

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