Sunday, July 13, 2014

@shelbybisou featured on #humancondition exhibition at wellcome collection

Everyone has a favourite museum in London and mine is the Wellcome Collection. When I first visited it last year, it was a quirky little nook showcasing curious medical knick-knacks Sir Henry Solomon Wellcome had accumulated throughout his years as a pharmacist and entrepreneur. There were paintings and pillboxes along with human remains and ancient sex toys. I loved it! He was such a hoarder that Henry. I can very much relate to that. Perhaps one day my personal rubbish would be up for display and public viewings. The Wellcome Collection was, most importantly, free and the set up was quite interactive. I also enjoyed that it was rather quiet and one can move along from one exhibit to another at his/her own pace. 

Presently, after a mild facelift, the Wellcome Collection now boasts of current exhibitions and I'm loving the new image: The free destination for the incurably curious. 

So you know I love the Wellcome Collection. And you should know I looove Instagram. So you can imagine my thrill when WC dropped by my IG account to inform me that my submission may possibly be selected for the #HumanCondition exhibition but I will have to view the exhibition to see if my contribution made the cut. It was a gruesome several weeks wait. Fast forward to skimming through the many Instagram prints, finding mine sitting comfortable in one of the rows made me shriek silently in joy! 

Popped by Wellcome Collection very briefly for the #humancondition exhibition and voila!

I felt so... so... I don't know, accomplished! I take Instagram pretty seriously so to have my work put out for all to see: it was such an overwhelming sense of fulfillment. All that retakes and multiple app edits were SO WORTH IT.

The theme of this photo exhibition is #HumanSardines and it depicts

So very thrilled to see my #humansardines ig post on display at my favourite museum in London at Wellcome Collection!! I feel so awesome I could puke rainbows!

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