Saturday, July 12, 2014

mayfield lavender farm

Lavender farms are truly magical.

Ever since the ultimate let-down last year arriving post-harvest at Provence I was hoping that I would be a lil' luckier in the season department this time around. I stumbled upon Mayfield Lavender Farm while googling to purchase English lavender for Bisou BonBon and was bewildered as to why I've not heard of the place prior to this. It's in Surrey for crying out loud! Not too far at all.

The only downside of traveling alone is that one can't take fancy pictures of herself. This is the best effort my arm could muster. I'm going for ethereal.. 

*happy sigh* such is life...

As I laid down amidst the lavender bushes, I could not deny that it was truly a #lifeisgood moment. The sun was shining, the lavender was intoxicating the air, the view was a wonderful shade of violet and with the children (well everyone really) prancing around in glee, one could not help but revel in nature's beauty.

Such a treat to watch the busy honeybees fleet from stalk to stalk gathering nectar. I have a penchant for bees ever since I read an article somewhere with unsettling news that their species are at real risk of extinction. 

As I stepped out of the bus, I was greeted by the soothing embrace of lavender scent. As my steps approached the opening of the enclosure to the farm, I was blown away by a sea of many shades of indigo. The entrance to the farm is free and you can immerse yourself in that lavender love to your heart's desire.


There were bushes of pink lavender located sparsely throughout the farm. They are cuteness galore! PINK LAVENDER! Can you imagine...? Pink lavender...

Freshly-cut English lavender are most divine!

I'm unsure how it's like there on usual days but I visited the farm on its festival day and there were truck rides and other activities happening for kids. The shop was also open selling lavender themed baked goods and other souvenirs. Alot of people bought lavender plants to take home. I bought a bunch of cut lavender and lavender earl grey tea :) Keep track of their festive days via their website. I even msg-ed them on Facebook to check if the lavender has bloomed during my visit there. But if you're there mid July to early August, you'd be pretty safe.

Lovely! Delicate and tart :)

Be still my heart.

How I got there:
Take a tube from wherever you are to West Croydon station
Exit the station, turn left and walk up the street to West Croydon Bus Station (B7)
Take Bus 166 to Oaks Park (35th stop)
Bus stops exactly in front of the farm

Mayfield Lavender Field
Croydon Lane
Banstead SM7 3BE

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