Saturday, May 24, 2014

korea food fair at isetan klcc

Mmmy was uber excited to know that Isetan was having a Korea Food Fair when she received their newsletter in the mail and made a date with us (us as in me and Dddy). We were gonna try tteokbokki for the first time! My mother's a serious 'Ajumma-celup'. When Sophiekins comes home to visit, she calls the living room Seoul 'cos it's K-Pop playing, Korean soap blaring, Korean green tea and roasted rice brewing and Korean food lusting!

We went on the first day and it was bursting at the seams with Korean cuisine afficianados. People were tossing ramyun and boxes of Pepero into their shopping cart like it was Supermarket Sweep! We headed straight to the Baekje (pop-up Korean Restaurant from Seoul) booth to give the tteokbbokki a try. I've never had tteokbbokki and if you've watched enough Korean travel / foodie shows, you know that everyone reacts to it like it's the-best-shit-on-earth. 

This is Chef Kim Cheol Yu of Baekje. He has won many food awards.

Their complimentary (fresh) kimchi was so good!

The Jajangmyun was nice albeit cold.

Haven't had proper ones before but it's not what I imagined. I may have too wild an imagination but if you do chance upon eating them and have had 'real' tteokbbokki, would love to know your thoughts! Suffice to say we were very disappointed (it lacked taste and felt rubbery).

We did not let our tteokbbokki let down dampen our shopping spirit though. We bought lotsa fresh banchan pickled dishes. I was in LOVE with their pollack mentaiko and radish kimchi. Yums!

Korean vermicelli and lotsa packed stews...

This Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup has a whole bird in it! 

At this rate, Ajumma-celup can open a Korean minimart! 

Korean Food Fair (May 23rd - June 4th, 2014)
Suria KLCC 
Kuala Lumpur City Centre 
50088 Kuala Lumpur



Me n your mom the same hahahaha.... I can't stop laughing reading this post and I was like that is so me. How your mom end up being an "ajumma celup" ? Who has influence her ?

shelbybisou said...

korean letter: LOL we'll have to call your room Seoul too then! too much korean dramas and KBS has turned her into the woman i can hardly recognize :D

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