Monday, May 05, 2014

i n.e.e.d carly's wardrobe in 'the other woman'

Such a stellar performance by Patricia Field in 'The Other Woman'!

I watched the movie few nights ago with Mdms Cilla and was amazed by the impeccable styling. The movie was a laugh-fest of course but most of all, every single character was dressed to the tee. I was so compelled to know who styled them. Well it's no wonder the work felt so familiar... it is no other than the spectacular Patricia Field of SATC fame! Oh Patricia, you never fail to blow me away.

See something familiar here... (oh and this one's Topshop mind you.. no longer available-lah, go stalk Ebay)
Image Credit: Desmitten

Yup, Carrie's 'The Naked Dress'. Revisiting an old-but-still-works concept.
Image Credit: Hollywire

Image Credit: Daily Mail

Image credit: Star Style

Image credit: Star Style

Image credit: On Screen Style

Image credit: Fashion Bomb Daily

Image credit: TRBIMG

Check out this post by She Said Beauty listing in detail what Carly wore in the movie with alternative options in 'Get This Look'. Or if you're a Kate, here are your options. Amber fans, there'll be a post up soon for that!

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