Monday, May 26, 2014

happy mother's day 2014

Every year, I do a mini 'art' installation for my mother. I figured if I can't afford to buy her something nice I could at least give her a nice experience. Mmmy's birthday always happen to fall around Mother's Day which calls for a more elaborate celebration. Inspired by Alix' experience, this year I brought Mmmy to have tea at Chez Gabrielle Chanel which is Coco's Rue de Cambon Parisian flat.

Alas it's not a Chanel but it's a really chic H&M bag. Hey well, high street today designer tomorrow :) Oui, Mmmy gets first dibs when it comes to Bisou BonBon's new releases: Rose tea soap and Lavender Hand + Foot Balm.

My girlfriend's dad was admitted for dengue fever and it was between her and her mother rotating duties to care for him leaving her no time to get her mum a gift. She requested I help her whip something up so here's 'Bring mum breakfast in bed' with a floral combination of roses + tulips + peony , self-printed card, Bisou BonBon earl grey soap, Fleamarket-find teacup and personalized teabag on a petite rattan tray. I was told auntie liked it!

Later Mmmy placed the flowers together. They look so lovely together don't they?

Got some tulips for my great-grandaunt as an early Mother's Day token of affection as she was returning to kelantan tomorrow. I was hoping they would last till the weekend but they bloomed as I drove home! I didn't know whether to be disappointed or beguiled LOL! Darn Malaysian heat :/


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