Saturday, May 31, 2014

eat: lexy's secret service

Lately Supper clubs have been growing like lalang in KL's gastro scene. I've always wanted to go to one but the dates are constantly contradicting my schedule. I used to think it odd to have to pay to go to someone's home to eat a stranger's home-cooked gourmet dinner but I think differently now. So. Very. Differently. I met Lexy when she was interning for an F&B company last year when she was helping to a man a booth beside mine. I had just had a failed chemical pregnancy (some may want to call it a miscarriage, some may not) that day and was feeling like absolute f**ks. Being the chirpy person that she is, she introduced herself to me and started yapping about her work. She was supplying cakes to cafes at the time and mentioned herself to be quite savvy in the kitchen. Thing is, alot of people say they can make this and cook that but it's usually alot of hype before the disappointing bite. I take statements like that with a pinch of salt. In the afternoon, she offered me a portion of a taco (or was it naan.. I can't remember) that she had brought with her. I'm not usually one to accept food from strangers but I was quite hungry but since I'm greedy (and famished at the time) I accepted the offer and took a bite. To my utter surprise and the zany delight of my mouth, it was VERY GOOD. She was worth every food adjective she mentioned!  

Months later we bumped into each other in a food event during which she told me her career path has progressed to hosting supper clubs. Fast-forward to now when I finally got hold of my time to attend one of her supper clubs I have to say it's everything that people has described it to be. Fantastic food, fun people and a fabulous time! The roast pork was, as always, the star of the show and that dirty pumpkin mash was filthily scrumptious. Most importantly, I was so excited to be surrounded by people who enjoy good food :)

I met new people who introduced me to more good food and we had such a laugh. I think the energy that night was just about right and the conversation flowed like wine into our glasses. It was an eclectic combination of personalities but it was Lexy's wonderful cooking that brought us together fueled by the ambience of Sharmila's avant garde dining home (can you even call it a house? it's a freaking gallery!). I'm no food critic but if I say sodap means sodap-lah.. Or maybe you'd like to hear me say succulent, moist meat with savoury crunchy skin that crackles with every bite paired with buttery smooth pumpkin mash. Don't even get me started on that roasted root veg.. parsnips or whatever it was.. all I know is that it was a toasted exterior encapsulating a comforting squishy sweet middle. Miam miam.

Lexy is the lady in the middle, bottom row.

Last but not least is the piéce the résistance! That white chocolate cardamom ice cream still sends delectable shivers down my back :P 

Feast you eyes on this mofo!

Now I understand. Supper Club is just like speed dating except there is no 5 minutes timeline and the food is (hopefully) delicious. You have a great meal in the company of familiar and not-so-familiar people. This pushes you to socialize but it's a breeze because you have something in common: the appreciation for yummy food. There are napkin rings and cutlery arrangements but you can sit cross-legged on the chair 'cos noone's judging. Of course like all speed dates, there can potentially be some bad ones but if there's magic in the air, you go home with a belly full of mash pumpkin and new diverse acquaintances to boot. Heck I even got leftovers to take away!

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