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bali: lia cafe + potato head beach club + tanah lot + menega cafe + cafe bali + narandha tierandha villa

I'm sorry I neglected this blog. I was on fertility treatment which was very tiresome at times. Then I got pregnant which was to be kept a secret. After that I had a miscarriage which was devastating. But I'm back and here's a brief recap of the family's Bali trip :)

So it turned out my passport lacked a day (from the 6 months of expiry) so I was denied at check-in. The family went ahead and Guy stayed back with me. I delayed my flight to the next available flight, paid a penalty fee and practically flew to Putrajaya. The passport department was closed for renovation so we sped to Jalan Duta and just as they called my number there, the system went down! I had to re-register. Prayed and after making payment, system went down again!! Prayed again. Watched the countdown nervously and got my passport just before the break for friday prayers. We zoomed back to KLIA, parked the car, checked-in and heaved a heavy sigh of relief. Lesson learnt: a little prayer never hurts.

We touched down at dusk and headed straight to dinner. I made a reservation with Lia Cafe: endorced by Trip Advisor. They also have have a complimentary pick-up service for patrons but we did not require it. It is slightly more affordable here and the food is good but the beach isn't too clean. Also they share the space with afew other restaurants which 'overpowered' Lia in presence and presentation. We missed the sunset which probably subtracted the dining appeal though Sophiekins did see a crab scurrying into its hole which amused her (dah lama tak tengok ketam-lah). Dddy found this place a tad too dodgy for his liking. Despite it all we had a pretty yummy dinner. For menu + pricing do refer to their website (link below).

A sand-between-my-toes-and-butt-crack kinda dinner and I loved it! Sophiekins loved it too. 

Lia Cafe
Jl Pemalisan Agung
Tel: +64 08123981408 / +64 0361-709002

Coffee beans. We were dragged into a walk-through at a tourist trap with caged civets (boo!) by our driver hence I will comment nothing further 'bout the place.

Like how I fell in love with I Love Bali, I fell head over heels with Potato Head Beach Club! Get cleared by security, climb up the steep stairs by the chic club boutique and BOOM get blown away by le bobo whirlwind vibe that will literally hit you on the face. The sun on your skin, the crowd perched by their tables sipping cocktails, toddlers playing-it on the greens, bikinis frolicking in the pool and the best part: getting a (day) bed!

C'est la vie!

Basking.. as mermaids should.

Potato Head Beach Club
Jl Petitenget
Seminyak 80361
Tel: +62 (361) 473 7979
M-S 11.00 - 02.00

You'll be surprised to know that of the 2 times I've been to Bali I've never visited a tourist spot. Yup never been to Tanah Lot or Bedugul or watched a Kecak dance.. nil. I've always felt Bali is the kind of place that can tailor to your preference in a whisper and, incredibly, fill your need subconsciously. So Eat, Pray, Love? Well there is some, if not alot, of truth in that story :)

This was Mmmy, Sophiekins and Mike's first time to Bali and despite the brief time, I thought we should squeeze in at least a tourist spot. So I picked Tanah Lot because of the castles I've built in my mind listening to stories of it from Miss Mas 11 years ago. She made the place seem as if it drifted out of a page of a fairytale. In the day it was accessible to the people but at dusk, as the tide pulled in, the water would engulf the access path turning the temple into an island confined to its solitude until dawn connects it back to 'life' again. Now that's a story!

As sunset approaches.. magic! 

"... world, are you listening?"
I was told that it was an overrated tourist trap. So i never went.. till now and that day I learnt that Tanah Lot never lost its charm. Watching it stand proud on a cliff anticipating the tide that turns it into an island at night is simply breathtaking. Magic indeed

Tanah Lot
Desa Beraban
Kecamatan Kediri
Beraban, Bali
Tel: +62 852 53000066

We had dinner at Menega Cafe and in spite of dinner reservations, they imposed a 40 minutes waiting period on us. The place was packed (it was bursting at the seams with locals which says alot) but the wide open space helped ease the claustrophobia. Also we arrived just in time to catch dusk setting in and the sunset was magnificent. The food, which was a terrible 1 hour wait, is great albeit more expensive than Lia's but the ambience was a notch better.

I'm so addicted to Jimbaran seafood! I've always loved the way the Indonesians grill their fish. It's rustic and the fish is so fresh (because the turnover is so good with the crowd) and they grill the fish as is. Coupled with their sorcery kecap manis and sambal terasi... whoah whoah!

Menega Cafe
Jalan Four Seasons
Muaya Beach
Jimbaran beach
Nusa Dua, Bali

You know I would never miss my favourite cafe in the world: Cafe Bali (see here) before returning home. I had a rose lassi which was so pretty :) That place can never do me wrong. It's my happy place.

Cafe Bali
Jalan Oberoi  / Laksamana 
Seminyak, Bali
Tel: +62-361-736-484

Oh why hello old friend!

Jl Laksamana has evolved but the charm still remains.

I'm comforted by familiar shops that still exist like The Earth Cafe.

We spent quite abit on the air tickets so I had to source for cheaper accommodation options. It was difficult searching for a 3-room villa that did not break the bank until Narandha & Tierandha. It's fairly new with only a couple of units to their name. I had my reservations but the few Agoda reviews were fairly promising. Little did I expect that the place exceeded my expectation! Spacious high ceiling rooms with fresh clean sheets, outdoor-ish shower and bath tub (needs a rinse prior to use and can be unstable so no sex in the tub), an awesome pool, kitchenette and dining/lounge area. Very good value for money. Even the distance from the main road and the narrow lanes do not deter me from giving the place 2 thumbs up.

My Agoda review:
Narandha & Tierandha surpassed our expectation. Although it was located a little deep in but the entire villa was so luxe and lovely you'd think twice to leave which we did (not leave) LOL. The bathroom is awesome with an outdoor-like shower and tub (slightly unstable so be careful with that). There is a water dispenser which was very helpful when we needed a cold/hot drink pronto. The bed is good and the outdoor lounge area is relaxing. The kitchen table had some ants problem but nothing to fret over. The pool was slightly deep for us but probably an average depth for tall Westerners. Despite that, we enjoyed the pool very much and the whole family had a wonderful time playing in it. Our stay did not come with breakfast so no comment on their food.

Narandha & Tierandha (via Agoda)
Jalan Seminyak 
80361 Bali
Tel.: +62 361 730 165 / +62 82 146347473 / +62 87 860221585

A joyful evening returning from the trip suddenly turned into a sullen night after listening to MH370 breaking news on the car radio. We share their sadness and hope the victims' families can find solace swiftly.
Berat mata memandang, berat lagi bahu yang memikul.

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