Friday, February 14, 2014

our valentine's at the dusun seremban

I love cityscapes especially if they're just within an hour's drive from town. The place is quite remote and located on a steep hill (special mention on that note as my car kinda got stuck in the hill's 'valley' a stone's throw from the main gate) with no wifi and tele. We found it using the Google map location provided on their Facebook page. It's rustic, quite self-sustainable with a touch of elegance. I would suggest going with the Berembun house as it's afew steps away from the pool which is a treat! An almost villa experience :) 

I apologize for the as-is images. Something f-ed up with my Adobe Photoshop so you'll be subjected to less vibrant colours / lopsided images / imperfect dynamics due to the lack of crop properties.

Leggings: Black Milk
Shoes: Vibram Five Fingers

You're encouraged to use herbs from the the little herb garden outside your 'house' and around their compound for your cooking. 

The Dusun Survival Kit:

BlackMilk Galaxy Rainbow Swim
Sarong Bali
Evian spray
Vibram Five Fingers
HP bbq sauce
Bisou Bon Bon citronella essential oil

At 5pm, The Dusun staff will light up the bbq pit. This service is complimentary buy you have to bring your own foodstuff.

I bought my supplies from Ben's Independent Grocer an hour before leaving to The Dusun. They have ready-marinaded meats and I got some potatoes and corn as sides. In the foil tray lies a bed of enoki mushrooms drenched in butter and chopped garlic.

The rate includes nasi lemak for breakfast next day with jungle fruit juice and tea / coffee.

I write Guy one card a year.. on Valentine's Day. This year it's this sweet (pun not intended) The Alphabet Press card inspired by craft maven Mimpi Murni.

I wanted to go on the walk tour to the waterfalls but we had an urgent call to return to the city so we had to cancelled on the guide. Boo to us! The night can be a little spooky with the lizards out to play but tolerable. There isn't air-conditioning but the fan works fine with the cool atmosphere. I brought my own citronella and oil burner to ward mozzies away but they've got those insect-repelling plug-ins as well. You can leave the dirty dishes out from the night before and they would be cleared out by human housekeepers the next day along with jungle ants, birds and others. Just leave the key on the table and leave at check-out. This place is perfect to disconnect from the chaos and craziness for abit. There's only one word needed to describe the place: Rejuvenation.

The Dusun
3437, Kampung Kolam Air
Pantai, 71770 Seremban
Negeri Sembilan
Check availability *here*


markus said...

trimakasih infonya sangat,,
berguna sekali,,

shelbybisou said...

markus: no problem, glad to be of help!

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