Friday, February 14, 2014

our valentine's at the dusun seremban

I love cityscapes especially if they're just within an hour's drive from town. The place is quite remote and located on a steep hill (special mention on that note as my car kinda got stuck in the hill's 'valley' a stone's throw from the main gate) with no wifi and tele. We found it using the Google map location provided on their Facebook page. It's rustic, quite self-sustainable with a touch of elegance. I would suggest going with the Berembun house as it's afew steps away from the pool which is a treat! An almost villa experience :) 

I apologize for the as-is images. Something f-ed up with my Adobe Photoshop so you'll be subjected to less vibrant colours / lopsided images / imperfect dynamics due to the lack of crop properties.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

cny 2014 motd (makeup of the day) 3CE

I always get emails enquiring about the make-up I use and I'm so sorry I haven't been diligent enough to post about them. I'll try harder next time. Lately I've been absolutely obsessed with Korean makeup: 3CE (3ConceptEyes) by StyleNanda. I've been experimenting with pops of colours and working on perfecting the ulzzang look LOL. I've heard of notorious shops selling imitation 3CE and capitalizing on the obvious profit margin so do beware. I got my 3CE haul from LotteLotte. Here's a helpful guide I found by Ryokogurl that can hopefully help you distinguish a fake.

My CNY make-up consist of 2 looks. I'm naming them Mandarin Sunrise (tangerine) and Sakura Petals (pink).

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