Friday, December 27, 2013

may your days be merry and bright and all your christmases...

I'm always excited for Christmas! Presents under the tree, makan-makan with friends, festive mall decor, special edition makeup gift boxes, year-end high street party dresses, IKEA firs and cranberry sauce!

As much as I complain about Christmas expenses burning a hole in pocket, I love it just the same. A sense of glee envelopes me as I fold corners and curl ribbons. Indeed it is the season of giving and the joy it brings. Something about the therapeutic colour red in December... it just makes people light up!

Then: All night with my holiday wrapping and not even half done 0_0' Have you started??

OK fine.. so this was her birthday but it could have been Christmas!
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Every Christmas my urban family ala Bridget Jones' get together to enjoy a feast together. It's a friendly cook-off and we exchange budget-friendly gifts :) I used to do the hosting but with my home in perpetual post-typhoon condition ever since the business, the other girls have generously taken this off my plate.. much to my relief! This year it's at Miss ChChews at her new pad. Christmas has come to be Bisou BonBon's peak month. So between juggling the business, locum, fertility clinic appointments, having the sister-in-law's family over and other aspects of life, it dawned upon me that it would be impossible to cook the mains this year. Lucky for me, a vendor friend, Lexy's Food Service, who supplies cakes to cafes and hosts an underground supper club informed me she was taking in orders for her porchettas (roasted pork stuffed with mushroom). I jumped at the idea: restaurant quality food delivered to the door. Life saver of the working wife for sure! Yes, it's a little hefty RM180 but I've sampled some of her work before and was very confident it would be superb. 

Imma bringin' condiments! From top: Sambal Letop, truffle mustard, fig honey, fig jam.. yum!

I was slightly concerned that the porchetta itself may be a little on the boring side so I decided to spice things up by bringing condiments. No, not freakin' ketchup or bloody chilli sauce... it's a grown-up meal and so i'll be serving grown-up condiments like Sambal Letop (my new discovery over IG.. Guy loves this too and we have it with everything!), Fitz Fine Foods truffle mustard (orgasm in ma mouth), fig honey and jam. Those and my LEGEN.. wait for it.. DARY greek yoghurt dip!

Us getting into the Christmas mood, already, L-R: MissYeYeoh, Miss ChChong, moi, Mis ChChew

Miss ChChew's tree is a hand-me-down retro tree from her in-laws. All the ornaments look so early 90s! Brings back good memories. They are well on their way to becoming the family heirloom ornaments!

Very impressed by Miss ChChew's hosting.. we were even made to wear Santa hats! LIKES!

Christmas feast was meletopsss BOOM BOOM POW!! Spectacular prochetta by Lexy's, yummy bacon mash by Miss ChChong and Miss ChChew's wonderful mushroom soup.

Miss Chong outdid herself this year by having sugarcane garnishes for her mojitos! Behold my ever pleasing greek yoghurt dip :D

Nigella's Yoghurt Dip recipe:
- Greek yoghurt
- Generous amount of chopped coriander and spring onions
- Mix and serve

Every Xmas dinner we have a thing where we get everyone at the party a gift worth RM20-30. This year everyone's gift wrap seem to come from Ikea LOL. 

The dinner was such fun and everyone went home stuffed to the brim with hilarious gifts in tow.

I don't know if The Christmas Spirit paid a visit to Guy but he came home from class one day and got all kancheong about preparing his classmates gifts before they start leaving for the holidays. So I whipped up a batch of pressies real quick!

Last minute gift-wrapping for Guy's classmates. Fortunate for him I make gifts! 

Another perk about Christmas is Marks & Spencer goodies! Especially their chocolate biscuits *heart* Mmmy and I went absolutely nuts at M&S the other day. We bought biscuits (Dddy like tea fingers!), juice, tea and nuts.

This is my favourite festive treat, which is yours?

Another awesome fact about Christmas is that it's a wonderful opportunistic time to touch base with people whom you've lost contact with along the way. It may be odd to receive a hello in the middle of the year from long-forgotten friends (uhh.. is he/she and insurance agent now? Does he/she want free medical advice? Do they wanna borrow money?) but in Christmas it's so NORMAL to get wishes or DURIAN CAKE!! yes you read correctly. Uncle Peter's wife baked me and Guy one of the best cakes I've ever eaten. It was fresh from the oven, creamy and non-muak. It was just perfect!

Uncle Peter, Dddy's neighbour, asked me to come over. Lo and behold his wife baked us a durian cake and scones! Man Christmas rocks!

So... I got Guy: The Complete Guide to the iPhone 'cos he just got himself an iPhone 5S and is constantly asking me techie questions that I cannot answer regarding the phone. He couldn't bring himself to buy it so i did.

Image credit: Epost

And he got me (OK-lah I requested for): Tiffany infinity ring in sterling silver 'cos my chubby fingers can no longer wear my engagement or wedding band. I've always been fascinated by infinity rings and I didn't want to get yet another ring that I'm too afraid to wear out in case I lose it or get robbed. It's such a beauty, non?

Image credit: Tiffany & Co

... white!

Warm cocoa love from us, Bisou BonBon & Bisou Rose

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