Thursday, January 30, 2014

sanrio hello kitty town at puteri harbour johor

These days just about 2 things that can get me excited: Hello Kitty and money!

I wonder why it took me such a long time to visit Hello Kitty Town when Hello Kitty themed places used to be THE reason why I would go on holidays (throwback Tokyo and Taipei). Perhaps I've grown up 0_0 (*shrieks* Nooooo!). Dddy had a night function at his gentlemen's fraternity that required all of us family members to be present in Johor Bahru and I decided I would take advantage of my presence in Johor to visit Hello Kitty Town. It was approximately an hour's drive from JB at the newly developed Puteri Harbour and very quiet when we arrived.

Such love to be welcomed by something familiar.

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