Sunday, December 29, 2013

this sharkie's noms and wishlist

Today I'm going to introduce you to this A-MAH-ZING world called Black Milk (BM for short).

2 years ago, 2 years after BM was born, I stumbled upon this champagne supernova image (pun intended!) of a pair of galaxy-print leggings on Facebook (for the life of me I cannot remember where) and it blew my mind! 

Blew. My. Mind. 

And it's not just the legging prints that are outta-this-world... it's the story of how BM came to be. In a nutshell, jL was looking for a way to pay his rent and eat so with the measly cash in hand, he bought a 2nd hand sewing machine and the most affordable material available: NYLON! He made a pair of leggings, got his friend to model it for him, she liked it and bought it and BHAM a business was born! He started selling at little bazaars at his college and realize soon enough there was more money to be made online from requests coming via the internet locally and internationally. He got a webstore running and the headquarter which started out with probably 3 personnel has now exploded into a full work force with staff on the sewing machine and computer entertaining our whims and purchases. And what is truly spectacular about Black Milk is the fact that us sharkies (us peeps who wear BM) have established little Sharkie forum HQs all over the world! For the love of BM we Sharkies come together chat about our noms (purchases) and cheer each other on with our #blackmilkclothing selfies! JL can run for congress and without a doubt he'd win the seat. Yup that's how much we idolize Black Milk!

I can't help but resonate with BM's story. Bisou BonBon started pretty much the same way. Made some lip balms that got bought. BHAM business born. I would love for Bisou BonBon to achieve such cult status but it's much more challenging in the bath and bodycare industry especially when they're natural and handcrafted. Still, it's an inspiration nonetheless and one should always dream. 

 Galaxy Purple Leggings were my FIRST pair of leggings. This was a gift from Miss ChChew and Miss ChChong.

(This is Provence) I was stopped numerous times in London by girls literally chasing after my leggings. Well it does say in the label that this would happen ;)
Top: H&M
Leggings: BlackMilk
Bag: Givenchy Pandora

Ribs Black Swimsuit was my 2nd piece of BM. A gift from Miss KKos and Miss ZZa.

I recently wore it to support fellow sharkie Nicole who wore her Cathedral Suspenders during elimination round on Asia's Next Top Model Cycle 2! And that's Finn my shark :D

My 2nd pair of leggings were gifts from bazaar mates! They're Muscles Leggings!

Hanging out with fellow Sharkie Miss MMei in King Tut Leggings.
Top: Cotton On
Leggings: BlackMilk
Bag: Cambridge Satchel

Yup there are even BM memes!

When BM launched their gym collection almost everything was sold out in minutes! C'mon galaxy sports top?? Gym bunnies in their boring Nike and Adidas can just kiss my jiggly Sharkie ass. Miss MMei had to wake up early to watch the launch countdown while I drove to work. She has nimbly skills and ninja-ed us almost everything we wanted.. or at least could afford.

This is a combo haul but aren't they a sight for sore eyes?

This is my Artoo 2.0 swimsuit. First purchase.

In a galaxy far, far away.. a sharkie received her new nylons in a shiny black bag, dashed quickly into her house, slammed the wooden door behind her, stripped off whatever she was wearing and slipped into what seemed like her 2nd skin.. *click click* do-wee-do.

My first BM Gym: Galaxy Purple Combat Pants

And a pair of Galaxy Purple Combat Pants as company.

Recently, there was a sudden announcement: a freakin' BlackMilk Cybersale (thanks to popular request, see jL does listen!) which happens once in a blue indigo moon!! Also there were museum rereleases (sold out limited editions to be on sale again)!! Given that BM's Australian, the foreign exchange has not been kind to Malaysia. To everyone else it's an OK price somewhat affordable to most but to us Malaysians (and the few other 3rd worlds), it's is VERY expensive. An average pair of leggings cost AUS$80 = RM240. BM does offer free standard shipping but unfortunately for Malaysia our postal service is highly unreliable so there has been too many lost orders so much so that BM has refused standard shipping to Malaysia. On the other hand, DHL charges a 30% tax on delivery of goods for BM so basically you're looking at RM312 per leggings! 0_0' is an understatement. So BM and Sharkies have come up with a very innovative solution: Smuggle Mummies. Have a Sharkie from Australia or other developed country of choice to help you receive your BM purchases and later ship to you via local registered post or bring it home to you when they're back for the holidays (provided they're just studying / working there). Anyhoots back to the CyberSale(!!).. for once I was not working / prepping a bazaar / have some kinda irrelevant commitment that week of the CyberSale. I was so amped 'cos I needed new nylons especially since I'm a mermaid LOL. So I set my alarm, informed Guy I was gonna use his credit card the day before (I live a credit-less life mah) and jumped out of bed an hour before the sale. My Dell can be a pain so I had to prep it and get it all warmed up before the CyberSale. The whole world was waiting anxiously for the sale so immense preparation was crucial. The entire BM universe was buzzing with the Australians already at work, us South East Asians waking up at dawn, the Europeans waiting to nom before bedtime and Americans... uhh not sure what timezone the Americans were in. Everyone was refreshing the BM website every few seconds and expressing their anticipation and discussing their wishlist on the BM page / Sharkie forums. Finally the countdown ended and... nothing. A thousand refreshing clicks later and still the server was down. It was disappointing but a part of me was thrilled. It's been awhile since we had a 'crashed server' incident over at BM. It's like BM in the old days when it would crash every single time there was a release. Awesomesauce. The next day I went all Groundhog and here are my noms...!!

Galaxy Purple Dress

Mermaid Jellybean Leggings

Merbarbie Leggings

Galaxy Rainbow Swimsuit

Ah such joy... they're with my Smuggle Daddy Sharkie and  I can't wait to get my hands on them. In the meantime, check out my wish list! And share with me yours :)

1. Mermaid Chameleon Leggings

2. Mermaid Leggings

3. Galaxy Rainbow Leggings

4. Fellowship Rider Leggings - Not Available :(

5. Marauders Map Leggings

6. Middle Earth Map Leggings

7. Cheshire Cat Leggings

8. Cheshire Cat Nana Suit

9. Leg Bones Neon Pink Leggings 

10. Mermaid Cap-Sleeved Bodysuit - No Longer Made :(

11. Mountains Pink Leggings

12. Muscle Swimsuit

13. Muscle and Bone 2.0 Catsuit

14. Pills Long Sleeve Dress



synical said...

Like the vibrant prints on the leggings, but since I'm really a leggings person, I'll pass...

The swimsuits however..wahlauwei! *Thumbs up* I like!

shelbybaby said...

synical: LOL they're cuh-razy leggings alright. which is your fave swim?

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