Tuesday, December 17, 2013

someone like me

Hiatus with a capital H, huh?

At some point I was seriously trying uber hard to keep up with posts and not be like those bloggers who have made their discreet transition to so-called micro-blogs i.e. Twitter and the lot. Suffice to say I failed miserably and yes peeps, my life updates will now be daily documented via Instagram. Don't have a smartphone and you'll lose out on my business-whoring as well as sub-par selfies.

So... follow me on @shelbybisou at Instagram and for goodness sakes LIKE-lah my pictures even if they're only mildly appealing to you. It's like doing a random survey or personality test. Consider yourself a teacher marking her umpteenth SPM objective paper. Kasi tick jer-lah, buat apa susah? What can I say... it feels rainbow sparkling inside to see the likes go beyond no.20.

The reason why I've decided to get back into the game is to share with you this EPIC picture my sister sent me. She was on the Tube yesterday and spotted my doppelganger! My bloody doppel-f*ckin-ganger! F*ck I've always wished I had a doppelganger just cause you know.. one always wonders how it feels like to stare at a twin who is a direct reflection of one's external features. Oh no? You don't.. like.. ever wonder meh? Fine-lah not that you don't already know I'm a weirdo. So here you go:

I don't look good blonde.

Apart from the scary acrylic nails, I have considered going blonde and anyone who knows me knows that my face gets like that when I'm in my Candy Crush zone from the pursed lips to the furrowed brows. And yes I would be pretty vulgar with the Vuittons too givn the choice. Apparently she was wearing Ugg-like boots. That is SO me. See here:

So imagine me with a bad blonde dye sans hipster glasses frowning... EHMAHGERD! 

After much oggling, I just felt this was too good not to be shared. Heck even my own husband thinks we look alike! Imagine that.

Who's got a doppelganger?

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