Sunday, December 29, 2013

this sharkie's noms and wishlist

Today I'm going to introduce you to this A-MAH-ZING world called Black Milk (BM for short).

2 years ago, 2 years after BM was born, I stumbled upon this champagne supernova image (pun intended!) of a pair of galaxy-print leggings on Facebook (for the life of me I cannot remember where) and it blew my mind! 

Blew. My. Mind. 

And it's not just the legging prints that are outta-this-world... it's the story of how BM came to be. In a nutshell, jL was looking for a way to pay his rent and eat so with the measly cash in hand, he bought a 2nd hand sewing machine and the most affordable material available: NYLON! He made a pair of leggings, got his friend to model it for him, she liked it and bought it and BHAM a business was born! He started selling at little bazaars at his college and realize soon enough there was more money to be made online from requests coming via the internet locally and internationally. He got a webstore running and the headquarter which started out with probably 3 personnel has now exploded into a full work force with staff on the sewing machine and computer entertaining our whims and purchases. And what is truly spectacular about Black Milk is the fact that us sharkies (us peeps who wear BM) have established little Sharkie forum HQs all over the world! For the love of BM we Sharkies come together chat about our noms (purchases) and cheer each other on with our #blackmilkclothing selfies! JL can run for congress and without a doubt he'd win the seat. Yup that's how much we idolize Black Milk!

I can't help but resonate with BM's story. Bisou BonBon started pretty much the same way. Made some lip balms that got bought. BHAM business born. I would love for Bisou BonBon to achieve such cult status but it's much more challenging in the bath and bodycare industry especially when they're natural and handcrafted. Still, it's an inspiration nonetheless and one should always dream. 

 Galaxy Purple Leggings were my FIRST pair of leggings. This was a gift from Miss ChChew and Miss ChChong.

(This is Provence) I was stopped numerous times in London by girls literally chasing after my leggings. Well it does say in the label that this would happen ;)
Top: H&M
Leggings: BlackMilk
Bag: Givenchy Pandora

Friday, December 27, 2013

may your days be merry and bright and all your christmases...

I'm always excited for Christmas! Presents under the tree, makan-makan with friends, festive mall decor, special edition makeup gift boxes, year-end high street party dresses, IKEA firs and cranberry sauce!

As much as I complain about Christmas expenses burning a hole in pocket, I love it just the same. A sense of glee envelopes me as I fold corners and curl ribbons. Indeed it is the season of giving and the joy it brings. Something about the therapeutic colour red in December... it just makes people light up!

Then: All night with my holiday wrapping and not even half done 0_0' Have you started??

Friday, December 20, 2013

shelby's 30 picks for christmas

'Tis the season to be jolly... and giving of course :)

Bisou BonBon was recently featured in Crave of The Malay Mail with other unique brands in the article: What We'd Like To See Under the Christmas Tree This Year (SO SO SO AWESOME KAN??)

So I thought I'd round up a list of things I'd like to see under my tree along with stuff I'm giving out as gifts this year with a dash of marketing (or *cough* product whoring... what can I say, Bisou BonBon is my pride!). They're generally handmade, artisanal or local specialty products given the industry that I'm in.. perhaps I'll have another post on mainstream with luxe items, we'll see.

Bisou BonBon Santa's Snooze Kit RM45
"- Hiver soap for a relaxing shower
- Shh-Sleep Balm to aid sleep
- Lavender Sachet as a pillow friend
all packed in a luscious Santa-suit-like velvet pouch and green snowflake ornament"
Visit / or stockist Kaleidoscope

Skater Dress with Square Neck RM95
"The girly dress made out of stretchable jersey fabric would make you feel totally at ease and relaxed. Strategically placed stripes highlights your collar bone and waistline, creating a slimming hourglass figure."
(image credit: Trendy Confessions) 

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

someone like me

Hiatus with a capital H, huh?

At some point I was seriously trying uber hard to keep up with posts and not be like those bloggers who have made their discreet transition to so-called micro-blogs i.e. Twitter and the lot. Suffice to say I failed miserably and yes peeps, my life updates will now be daily documented via Instagram. Don't have a smartphone and you'll lose out on my business-whoring as well as sub-par selfies.

So... follow me on @shelbybisou at Instagram and for goodness sakes LIKE-lah my pictures even if they're only mildly appealing to you. It's like doing a random survey or personality test. Consider yourself a teacher marking her umpteenth SPM objective paper. Kasi tick jer-lah, buat apa susah? What can I say... it feels rainbow sparkling inside to see the likes go beyond no.20.

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