Sunday, June 23, 2013

hey london 04: millinery class + the harry potter shop + wellcome collection + canary wharf +

Yesterday I picked up the pace during class and quickly rushed through the lining of hat number one. Hat number 2 was tedious and if you know me.. I can't stand tedious for nuts. The brim was a killer, it seemed endless! I had to get help for my poppies and the finish to my block but things are looking good. I could tell everyone was really rushing through their projects except for Annabandana cos she's got 3 months to go. Tomorrow I really have got to finish up my 2 hats and if possible, attempt to block 'something' out of my own block! 6 hours do pass by in a jiffy. It makes me feel guilty for taking a moment to eat.

After class I decided to go view the Wellcome Collection. It opens till late on Thursdays (joy!) and houses a collection of medical knickknacks. Best of all it's free! This Wellcome dude.. to describe him as quirky is an understatement! At the end of the tour, it goes without saying I went to the most important part of the gallery: the gift shop!

I didn't get anything at the shop but I did get a cup of tea and lemon meringue cupcake from the cafe: Peyton and Byrne. What I love about the cafe is that (they have a spectacular ceiling installation and) they've established windowsill tables with bar stools which looks out onto Euston Road. So There I was sipping on Venetian rose tea, munching on my cupcake watching life pass by out the window. The best part was watching peeps in office attire cycle home. That is the cutest thing!

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