Tuesday, June 25, 2013

hey london 05: dalston rooftop park

Today is one of the loveliest day EVER. And this doesn't happen very often. At this point of moment in my life, looking out onto Dalston Junction.. this minute.. this second I thank all the goodness in the world I'm alive. 

Dress code: Worn out hole-ridden Converses, bohemian skirts and flowers in their hair, thick rimmed glasses, low riding jeans with a motorcycle helmet attached to the belt hook, dreadlocks, preppy men's cardigans, Holga cameras, musical instrument bags, fluffy hair, vintage dresses, cigarettes, 'staches and skinny jeans!

I'm seated on the wooden plank pathway right opposite the Dalston Rooftop Park bar. Sipping on Backyard Garden which, really, is just an overpriced cocktail but all shortcomings are long forgotten when you stare into the cloud porn-worthy sky (it's 8.50 pm but the sun still shines thanks to London summertime). I've walked pass this building and seen people having drinks on the rooftop... always wondered what paradise lies beyond. Last year my attempt was a failed mission. The bar was packed and I was denied entry... a couple of times after that too, come to think of it. Other nights it would rain.

Today had been such a splendid day and even though I thought the cupcake at the Wellcome Collection was a good upacara penutup but I figured why not stretch the good luck abit. And so I did.. Despite the solitude (I always felt it's never much fun to hit the bars alone), I walked up to the door bitch and told her I really want to visit the bar upstairs (and again no, I do not possess a membership card.. I'm a tourist beb!). To my utter surprise she gave me the green light! Whoah hipster goddess must be showering me with psychedelic strawberry good luck or some sh*t. I went up 5 flight of stairs and BOOM garden rooftop bar(!!).. complete with sunshine, fake grass and artificial flowers. Could this be heaven? It could well be... with the view over Dalston and alcohol. Even if it's not, it still makes me feel on top of the world. Everyone eyes me funny... They're probably silently asking themselves: "Hey chubby loner with a maxi nautical stripes Tshirt dress - what are you doing here?" Moi: "Having a f*cking cocktail thank you."

And spacing out.

And allowing the indie vibe permeate my skin like my new favourite Face Stockholm Icelandic Solution moisturizer.

 Dang, I wish I was in my mid 20s. This would have been epic for me.

Dalston Rooftop Park
18 Ashwin Street
E8 3DL London
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 20 7275 0825

Sunday, June 23, 2013

hey london 04: millinery class + the harry potter shop + wellcome collection + canary wharf +

Yesterday I picked up the pace during class and quickly rushed through the lining of hat number one. Hat number 2 was tedious and if you know me.. I can't stand tedious for nuts. The brim was a killer, it seemed endless! I had to get help for my poppies and the finish to my block but things are looking good. I could tell everyone was really rushing through their projects except for Annabandana cos she's got 3 months to go. Tomorrow I really have got to finish up my 2 hats and if possible, attempt to block 'something' out of my own block! 6 hours do pass by in a jiffy. It makes me feel guilty for taking a moment to eat.

After class I decided to go view the Wellcome Collection. It opens till late on Thursdays (joy!) and houses a collection of medical knickknacks. Best of all it's free! This Wellcome dude.. to describe him as quirky is an understatement! At the end of the tour, it goes without saying I went to the most important part of the gallery: the gift shop!

I didn't get anything at the shop but I did get a cup of tea and lemon meringue cupcake from the cafe: Peyton and Byrne. What I love about the cafe is that (they have a spectacular ceiling installation and) they've established windowsill tables with bar stools which looks out onto Euston Road. So There I was sipping on Venetian rose tea, munching on my cupcake watching life pass by out the window. The best part was watching peeps in office attire cycle home. That is the cutest thing!

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