Thursday, April 18, 2013

it's a swappin' frenzy in this household lately

Lately I've crazy 'bout swaps. In my case.. especially tea swaps! You can find little groups on blogs or Facebook that host tea swaps where you get assigned a partner to send tea to (google tea swaps!). sometimes there are little rules to adhere to. What's exhilarating is finding a NON-bill / flyer / banking sh*t in my postbox :) It's nice to know swappers / Postcrossers (do visit Miss Kain's blog.. she's a fervent Postcrosser) and penpals keep the postal system in service. I bet postmen all around the world find little delights in delivering cute envelopes / packages apart from the dreary formal white ones. These are via swapbot.

Outgoing: #Envelope of Stuff. 48 hours in the life of me. Sending out an envelope of stuff that depicts my life in 2 days.

Incoming: #Handmade Earrings #Send Out Quickly Tea Swap #5 Tea Bags for Smile #Envelope of Stuff. Discovered a new love for ephemera!

Outgoing: #Creativi-TEA. Packed afew of my favourite loose leaf teas (Mariage Freres Earl Grey French Blue & Vert Provence and Fortnum and Mason Jubilee blend) into little sachets before placing them into self-made tea envelopes . I sure <3 p="" swaps="" tea="">

Outgoing: #Boxful of Candy & Drinks. Sending some Malaysian goodies to Korea and Finland for a drink swap. Do you see any of your favourites??

Outgoing: #Handmade Earrings. Handmade earrings swaps make me grin :) Included some calming Sonnentor tea and a Whimsy Whimsical card as well. Wonder what I'll receive?

Incoming: Just got my first batch of swaps! This leaves me feeling cheerful after a tired day at work.

Outgoing: #Drink, eat and read. A Hello Kitty letter, gift for her love of skulls and some other knickknacks.


ms.bulat said...

wow! you pack wonderful things! this is definitely something fun :D receiving something unexpected in the mailbox! but aren't postage exp?

shelbybaby said...

ms bulat: you are super right on the pricey postage part... there was once it came to a point that i had to sacrifice my shopping allowance. i've learn to swap in moderation now lol!

Suzi Bredbenner said...

The swaps are fantastic. I have been trying to decide on a doing a tea swap, and now I am convinced. How awesome to receive teas from around the world. Delicious. Happy Swapping. SuziLB from Swap bot. ☆ Follow Me On Blogger ☆

Sabrina Dee Berry said...

These are gorgeous incoming and outgoing packages! Love how you decorate them. {glamazon08 via Swap-Bot}

Avalonia said...

Loooooooovely mail!!! And you can be sure the postman feels so excited whatching such happy mail envies ;) I know it coz my hubby is a postman :D ... HUGS, Avalonia via swap bot again !!!!

Dee Loner said...

Hi. my first time reading your blog and I'm hooked to it!.. The swapboat thingy is just the cutest thing ever.. You were right about them being a stress reliever after the long hour at work..

and now, I'm googling swapboat page.. tee heeee

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