Friday, March 08, 2013

helping a friend destash her jewellery (tiffany + co and chloé)

Preloved Tiffany & Co and Chloé jewellery. I'm helping a very busy and not-so-tech-savvy friend do some jewellery destashing. There are 3 (original) items all of which come with their own boxes and cards. 

All prices are gently negotiable :)

Tiffany Twist bow pendant. 
(worn once or twice) 
Pendant in sterling silver. On a 16" chain.
Original price: US$300 / RM 912. Current selling price: RM547.
Reference link *click here*

Tiffany Twist bow ring. 
(worn once)
Ring in sterling silver. Size: 7 (according to Tiffany ring guide)
Original price: US$275 / RM 836. Current selling price: RM501.
Reference link *click here*

Chloé Mandy Daisy bracelet 
(2 of the mini diamantes have fallen off, afew scuffs here and there)
Original price: £169 / RM 788. Current selling price: RM394.
Reference link *click here*

Keen buyers can get in touch with me here via comments or via email: or via facebook album:


Tammy Miu said...

urm sorry but the Tiffany comes with certification?

shelbybaby said...

hiya tammy! i don't think tiffany & co comes with proper certification (as per designer handbags) but the chain does come with a receipt from pavilion. unfortunately she does not possess a receipt for the ring. as for the chloé bracelet, there is a autheticity card for it. hope this info helps!

ng see koon said...

Hi, may I know if the Tiffany necklace is still available?

ng see koon said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
shelbybaby said...

hello see koon, we've since replied your email and yup it's still available.. awaiting a new caring home! :)

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