Tuesday, February 19, 2013

rws 02: universal studios

It's Valentine's Day and we spent it in Universal Studios Singapore! Woot woot!

Abit malas for storytelling so enjoy the pictures and brief anecdotes! I have been told that my pictures invigorates the wanderlust in people (which is really nice to know) :)

I'd highly suggest you get an Express Pass online. It really helped us save truckloadsa time and most of all waiting in line for what seems like ages just to get on a ride! The 'Treasure Hunters' ride looked like a 2-hour long queue ehmahgerd(!!). Also there are limited Express tickets sold on site per day so you may miss out on buying one if you're not too lucky. Oh and do buy the clear raincoat (or bring your own) s'il vous plait for the 'Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure 'cos we forgot and got SOAKED. Again we trawled around USS in wet clothes.

It's a drizzly Valentine's morning and we're hitting New York Street. We were so excited that we missed Elmo 's Spaghetti Space Chase.

Taxi cab hailing at New York Street.

Sunny day
Sweepin' the clouds away
On my way to where the air is sweet... 

Met some childhood friends. Least favourite: Grover. Guy wondered how is it I knew all the songs. I'm a Sesame Street kid mah! 

The main reason why we came! And contrary to what I've been told, 'twas a VERY GOOD ride! 

Autobots, transform and roll out!

Transformers: The Ride unleashed the shopaholic in Guy. He bought the Optimus Prime tong minum! It's so big and heavy.. camne nak bawak jalan? Totally not a feasible water cannister -_-

The Revenge of The Mummy is some Scary (capital S) ride! Even Guy felt his knees go wobbly abit after he got off the carriage. Which seriously makes me wonder how is it possible to fight Imhotep and think and plunge down all at the same time??

Scarabs give me the heebie-jeebies.

After the whole Mummy scare, we decided to go chill in a castle Far Far Away.

We're 'accidentally in '! 

Extremely tempting but I held my horses and said no. Even to Gingerbreadman. Yes, and even to Puss in Boots . 

S for Srincess Shelby waduppp! (Nope didn't get the mug either.. am I in control or wat??)

And the award for Best Husband / Best Wife goes to...

We awarded each other Best Husband / Best Wife through a default victory due to lack of contenders LOL. 

Popcorn anyone? 

Frankie goes to Hollywood.

We ♥ Universal Studios Singapore!

Favourite rides:
- TRANSFORMERS The Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle (Sci-Fi City™)
- Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure™ (The Lost World)
- Canopy Flyer™ (The Lost World)
- Enchanted Airways (Far Far Away)
- King Julien's Party-Go-Round: (Madagascar)

Universal Studios Singapore
8 Sentosa Gateway,
Sentosa Island, Singapore 098269
Tel:+65 6577 8888

Any of you going to Universal Studios Singapore by 23rd May 20th??

We were given TWO one-day pass for 2 pax for only $128 (original price $148) as CNY angpow and we'd love for you to have it! (Applicable to online purchases as well with the discount code printed on the card).

Just leave your email in my comments and I'll mail it to you for free!

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ms.bulat said...

So nice of u to give those free tix ! Looks like u enjoyed urself very much! And haha that's a lot of holding back for shopping.

shelbybaby said...

hello there ms.bulat! 'twas a very good trip and what makes it worth it is all the free tickets they gave us. no point for us to hold back the discount vouchers when it could be put to good use by other travel-goers. will you be going to universal studios spore before may? i could post you a voucher :)

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