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rws 03: maritime experiential museum + sea aquarium + hard rock cafe + ruyi

In the 9th century, porcelain was in utmost demand. In the middle east they prized green porcelain believed to be able to detect poison. Is this where Fine China got its name?

It was our last day and we decided to use our last ticket given to us by Hard Rock Hotel. The ticket said SEA Aquarium which meant we could enter both the Maritime Experiential Museum AND the Aquarium. Awesome is the word! There were throngs of school kids at the Maritime Museum so we couldn't really go through the exhibits properly but I have to say I love the fact we can touch, feel and play with the display. Perfect for children and a child at heart like me! Poking exhibits satisfies me immensely :)

These Chinese porcelain kendis are vessels with no handles. Porcelain was a very popular trading commodity in china back then and the silk route was sometimes known as the porcelain route.
They traded lotsa bizarre things back then. Can you imagine that nutmeg was one of the main trading goods in Malacca? Weird right?

At some point I was interested to use agarwood in my products. It was nice to see the sample of the plant here and the fact that it was a strong trading commodity in Penang. 

"Eh write properly lah Bai Ling. Add nutmeg to the trading list. I need it to pickle it for Yee Sang. Woi Captain Sir Henry Keppel abit too much right?? How come your list so many one?? Admiral Zheng He look at them! Tak aci ler liddat!" 

City Aquariums are places I go to for zen. Like KLCC Aquaria back home, albeit on a much smaller case given it's in the city and not on an island like Sentosa, SEA (South East Asia) Marine Life Park oceanarium opens a window to life 'Under The Sea'. There are 800 species in this oceanarium. It's massive!

For a moment both of us were stunned!

Walking on water.

The mangroves eco-system. So cool.

Here goes an adorable Pufferfish / blowfish / tetraodontodae / fugu!

Lunar wrasses are sex changing fishes that start out as females (yellow green tone) and turn into males (blue tone) layer in life. Indeed a transvestite fish :) 

Jellyfishes are such surreal hypnotizing creatures.

Watch this manta ray go. I'm in awe with nature and the beauty it offers. We sat opposite the oceanarium for the longest time. Watch my video below (excuse the tourist noise pollution)!

S.E.A. Aquarium
8 Sentosa Gateway
Sentosa Island
Singapore 098269
Tel: +65 6577 8888

HRC gave me a Valentine's rose. Well actually they handed it to Guy to be given to me (by him). That scores hearts and stars in my book Hard Rock Cafe! Bravo <3 p="">

The Chilli Crab Dip and margarita was so damn fine!

Hard Rock Cafe Sentosa Singapore
26 Sentosa Gateway
#01-209 to 214 The Forum
Singapore  098138
Tel: +65-67957454

Ruyi's a 24-hour Chinese fast food restaurant with super interesting food choices with thong-sui located at The Forum! Perfect for peckish late nights. 

I've always felt supper to be the most romantic meal for a couple. Or maybe it's a  Malaysian thing.

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