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rws 01: hard rock hotel + resort world sentosa + adventure cove + candylicious + din tai fung

After last year's Valentine's Day f*ck-up, Guy decided to make up for it by suggesting we head to Universal Studios Singapore for this year's Valentine's Day. Not the most romantic gesture in the world but I found it to be a very good effort on his part *applause* LOL. We decided to go over via coach as we couldn't get a good rate to fly. The trip was booked via Agoda (I love Agoda 'cos they make travel booking easy.. the rates can be abit tricky so do your research to make sure you're getting the best rate online) 'cos it was such a b*tch to use the RWS website. The best part was that Agoda offered the same promo as per RWS!

Do check for ongoing promotions and if the deal I took still applies to your travel, if you're thinking of going, 'cos I seriously felt that my deal was a darn steal!

Mine was the 3D2N WOW deal from $538

Package includes:
  • Two-nights stay at a choice of Hotel Michael Deluxe Room, Hard Rock Hotel Deluxe Room, Festive Hotel Deluxe Family Room or Equarius Hotel Deluxe Room*
  • One Day Adult Pass to Universal Studios Singapore® for Two
  • One Day Adult Pass to The SEA Aquarium for Two (I've since learnt that they have replaced the SEA Aquarium tickets with only Maritime Tickets. If you're fortunate enough to get the Aquarium tickets (like moi), you get to visit both facilities!)
  • One Day Adult Pass to Adventure Cove for Two (I was told that you don't get these tickets anymore.. aduh kesian)
*terms and conditions apply of course, what do you expect?

We took the Aeroline coach: OneUtama to Herbour Front Mall (next to Vivo City)

It's nice. I was told it was best to get the lounge seat on the lower deck but personally I like the top deck. You get to watch movies and eat meals in piece. We got a Subway sandwich for breakfast and The Chicken Rice shop meal on the way back. That and a hot drink each. Not too shabby at all. Having hot tea on the bus is lovely.

For those who have never taken the coach to Singapore. You basically have 2 pauses. KL-Spore you will pause briefly at Malaysian Immigration and again at Singaporean Immigration of which you will be required to take all your belongings with you for a scan upon entrance to Singapore. I found an old pack of chewing gum at the back of my handbag. WTF. We can miss things so do check. From HarbourFront Mall, we walked over to Vivo City (just beside it, a stone's throw away) and took a monorail to Sentosa Island. Costs about $3.50 per pax.

Check-in was a breeze and we got a 3-day unlimited monorail pass in addition to the other tickets. Taii-wor (so worth it!).

I'm Jimmy Hendrix!

I've always been amused with HRC's punny toilletries.

Hard Rock Cafe rooms are usually nothing much to shout about. They've got comfy sheets though.

I always thought The Westin's Heavenly Bed to be the most comfortable bed I've ever laid my back on (hence I bought it) but I've now discovered a serious contender. The HRC bed is divine! Soft at right places... I slept so well. 

Hard Rock Hotel Singapore
8 Sentosa Gateway
Singapore 098269 
Tel: 65-6577-8899

By the time we settled our stuff and was ready to get out and about it was already 3pm. Figured that it was too late to do anything that would require too much time, i.s. Universal Studios. I was never a fan of ice skating and water parks so imagine my dismay when I found out Adventure Cove was the latter. But hey it turns out I was pleasantly surprised with what Adventure Cove had to offer and I'm not sure if it's the holiday madness taking over my mind but I actually enjoyed myself! The first really..

When Guy recounted the rides, amazingly we went on almost all of them! I particularly enjoyed gliding down the Adventure River in the tube... one of the 'river' paths leads to a grotto inhabited by sea creatures. We came pretty unprepared. I forgot waterproof pouches, to wear my contact lenses and goggles! Argh. We spent a ridiculous amount of time holding on to our glasses (which can be tricky when you're zipping down a dark tube and you're trying to hold on for dear life!) and wiping them with our equally wet swim outifts. G*dd we're such dorks!

The highlight of the day was 'Feeding the Rays'. You will have to purchase the experience as a ticket for an additional fee (but it's OK-lah 'cos the entrance fee was complimentary in the first place!). We were given a 5-minute introductory session by our instructor John (I think) and given the nature of Steve Irwin's death I was quite tenacious with enquiries regarding their tail spikes. I don't know why nobody was keen to ask.. I mean it's a really important question! Rest assured they were just trimmed afew days ago. The important issue apart from wearing thick sea boots and gloves, was for us to avoid ANY sudden movements!

Magical! Worth every cent.

Turns out, sting rays were a little like dogs. Once accustomed to human contact, they are quite the playful little creatures. I had them zipping beside and between my feet, 'sniffing' at my toes and splashing water my way! I've developed a penchant for cow-nose rays... they're adorable! Guy says he'd still eat them Portuguese style though... *shy* me too.

It's a good thing that I brought my Balinese sarungs with me 'cos we didn't bring towels. Haiya. We walked back to the hotel totally drenched!

Adventure Cove

8 Sentosa Gateway
Sentosa Island
Singapore 098269
Tel: +65 6577 8888

What's with people and fountains and the need to throw coins in them? OK-lah 'twas just me but hey how could I resist making a wish at the Lake Of Dreams?

We were too lazy to leave the island and settled for something on the island. Turns our a meal at Din Tai Fung was 30 minute wait for the table and an additional 40 minute wait for the food! 0_0 OMG.

Guy's beef stew thing was yum but everything I ordered was sold out and I had to settle for plain noodles. 

The century egg was very nice though. Chopped pickled ginger adds a better texture than sliced ones.

Din Tai Fung

Resorts World Sentosa
26 Sentosa Gateway #01-217 
Singapore 098138 
Tel: +65 6686 3565

We went walking about the resort after dinner. It's quite a small place and you end up pretty much bumping into the same shop after awhile. After the upteenth time, we decided to just go browse in Candylicious.

Hansel's fear factor.

I was quite sure I was not going to buy anything until...

M&Ms machine in all colours imaginable! Now who could ever resist? Which 2-colour combination did you think I picked out?

Aii.. needless to say I went mad with the Pink M&Ms! They're so rare!

Dark Pink? Still Pink! You shall be released into Greedy Shelby's Candylicious candy bag!

The Forum hosted the casino and show stage.

We found Chinese zodiac predictions situated along the walkway and decided to document each and everyone of them. Which Chinese zodiac do you belong to? Guy was impressed with the way they incorporated the snake into each and every animal character. Very cool.

The Malaysian Food Street had such a quaint set up. It was almost Oz like.

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