Sunday, February 10, 2013

cny anthem of the day: new year a good mood

I am SO addicted to this song and music video! 

Thanks to an Astro-less tele in Padang Serai, I was coerced into watching regular television which turned out to be pretty darn good. I found love in local Chinois celebrities watching Celebrity Prank Show on NTV7 and Lucky Bowl. Flanking the episodes they would play this 'New Year A Good Mood' song which is super sweet yet catchy and totally positive as how new year songs should be. Not a hint of pesky which is rather rare in CNY songs. To whomever who wrote this tune: give yourself a big pat on the back :D I may not comprehend anything they're saying (apahal ni no subtitles?) but I totally get the vibe! Does anyone know who's the creative director behind that AWESOME prop installation? So good with the peony lion dance suit and hanging mandarin oranges.. brilliant! Just brilliant!

Based on cast of New Year Good Mood:

Jan (girl rocking the yellow frock): you've got some moves babydoll!
(girl in pink hearts sweater and blue knee-high socks): you're gorgeous and I'm lovin' your style!
Aenie Wong (girl with oversized scarf): saw you in CPS and you were sooo ganasss! Me likesss! 
Jack (dude in white collared shirt): pictures do not do you justice but CPS did and you're hotstuff honey!
Fredrick Lee (dude in cream cardigan): at certain angles I swear you remind me of Simon Yam 
Leslie Chai (dude in blue motif shirt): you're a heart breaker, non? :P

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