Tuesday, February 05, 2013

extreme couponing

My Chinese New Year Tesco haul!

Are you familiar with that show Extreme Couponing on TLC Astro 719?

Despite watching so many episodes of that bewildering show, I have no idea how to 'cheat the system' here. I tried looking for coupons online, magazines and whatnot as suggested by coupon king and queens but they just don't have these sorta stuff in Malaysia. The only place I know that offers in-store card perks here is Tesco. I used to not care bout sh*t like these (I'm still a Village Grocer girl at heart) but ever since I quit my dayjob, money has been tight and it turns out little scores of bargains add up to ALOT. So when I received a couple of sms and email alert regarding Chinese New Year festive discounts I gathered all my Tesco coupons, RM2.50 voucher (so lame but still money!) and Club card with a list!

Sorry ah I forgot to take a picture of my coupons.

Thing is coupons are all about shopping BIG. So if you're just buy a can or two, don't expect any savings-lah.

1. I had a ready RM2.50 voucher from the crummy Tesco points I earned last year. Sometimes I forget to bring my Tesco card which totally aggravates me 'cos I lose out on points. Hence the sh*tty accumulation.

2. There was a coupon that offered RM15 (I think) off should I spend above RM150. That equals to approx  10% in savings. It's quite alot of you think about it.

3. Another coupon for RM1.50 off a crate of with Pepsi / Revive / some other drink that I don't like so we chose Pepsi.

4. There was a standing offer for Yeo's Chrysanthemum Tea for a savings of approx RM7 per carton with purchase over RM250 and each purchase is entitled to a maximum of 3 cartons. OK pause here. Now we know people just LOVE drinking them packet drinks during CNY and chrysanthemum is a very safe choice in terms of general preference. The original price is approx RM17 which means it's an almost 50% savings on a carton! Cheap-lah tu! We took 3 cartons: 1 for home, 2 to cart back to Guy's hometown.

5. Sometimes on Saturday afternoons, there will be assistants offering deals of the day on selected items or samples. I bought a dishwashing sponge and got 2 free! And I got a mini sponge sample too! LOL.

6. There were alot of 3-for-2 or Buy-2-and-get-RM2-off deals on canned items so we loaded up on canned longans / lychees / button mushrooms.

7. There was an offer on RM2.50 (I think) off Downy softener and although we still had our softener, it was a good bargain to buy and keep.

8. The only coupon that we did not redeem is the baked beans one 'cos we're not really baked beans peeps.

9. Also according to the Tesco sms I received, a purchase of over RM250 on that particular weekend would earn me an additional 1000 Club card points! Which translates to money if you think of it 'cos it will add up to my redemption voucher later.

So all in all, we managed to save RM50 from our RM310 receipt! Not including 1000 Club card points for purchase over RM250. It certainly pales in comparison to fellow American couponers but it's a start! No stock pile room for me yet.

Refer to Tesco website (*click here*) for information on up-to-date offers and discounts. Oh and in case you're wondering I frequent Tesco, Mutiara Damansara because it's near my home, newly refurbished and has a Yan Woh Tong restaurant there!

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