Saturday, January 19, 2013

shelbybaby eye candy: chinois blush

Chinois Blush

1. Ong Shunmugam tsu-yen S$428 
Love it that it's a cheongsam made playful. Well you already know my obsession. Need I say more?
2. Celine mini luggage tote US$2500 
I don't care if people think it's a boxy robot bag. I think it's absolutely handsome. It's chic, feminine but stern all at the same time. The modern day Lady Mary Crawley I'd say.

3. Mich Dulce winged rose bow bunny topper £275 
Perfect to hide a bad-hair-day yet can compliment a sleek tress. A versatile and whimsical hat that you could even wear to Prince Harry's wedding and still look regal. Mich Dulce venture into millinery is certainly showing so much promise.  

4. Christian Louboutin pumps US$845 
Sexy (ballet) strappy shoes to compliment the bare legs. Why red? Why not? (It's Chinese New Year for crying out loud!)

5. Kohls jade oval stud earrings US$175 

6. Tiffany + Co rubedo cuff €3850
With this simple cuff, one needs not accessorize further. It's a statement piece that says it all. Rubedo, somewhere between gold and silver, is said to have a gold-like appearance but it malleable like metal. It is a new form of metal alloy made popular by Tiffany + Co in their Rubedo collection.

P.S. It's been awhile since my last Polyvore hence the 'rusty' combination. I've since renewed my curating interest and hope to present more marvellous eye candies for us to drool over LOL :D

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