Saturday, January 05, 2013

refurbishing my life (part une)

I've been keeping alot of pending tasks at the back of my mind. I always felt I never possessed the time to get them done. Life would be so much easier if I didn't have to work 8-5.. I could get this done and get that done.. or so I thought. I've been off 8-5 work for 5 months and still have not done anything substantial. Without realizing *bisou* bonbon has started to grow and with some growth came a slight business expansion and with a slight business expansion came a need for a bigger storage space! 

Goodbye and good riddance!

After having to turn down Christmas and New Year hosting due to excessive material and packaging cluttering up the living room (and a raised eyebrow from Dddy 0_0) , I seriously felt I had to get my abode together. I decided to utilize one of the bedrooms (that came with built in furniture) and convert it into a storage room cum craft corner. We had to pick the built-in wardrobe apart. Needless to say there was no heartache there because I never liked it in the first place! It was a dark and dreary set with the most ridiculous storage solution ever! 

We had to korek out the ceiling to check watdahellwasgoingoninthere!

Turns out it was fortunate that we ripped out the built-ins. It was more of horror than good surprise that awaited us! The leak (of which we had fixed multiple times before) came back for a visit and ruined the back of the wardrobes including our parquet flooring. Haiyo. Mo' problems mo' money.

Le sigh.

I'm on a serious budget so I was hoping to repurpose the wood from the built-in we took out into my current shelving unit. My contractor told me that my cupboard doors were made of Nyahtoh.. in his words, "Good Wood." I told him if it's possible I'd like to salvage the doors and convert them into shelves. He told me he'd try to work it out. And that's why I love him!

Aargh all the clutter in my porch is driving me nuts!

It's going to be awhile before things rap up but I hope for the torture to end latest by next weekend. Don't we all just hate refurbishment! It's like ripping porcupine thorns of your pee-stained ass. We just can't wait for it to be over!

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