Friday, January 04, 2013

pocc bffs break the silence recap

I'm reviving my blog!! Jeyeahhhhh!! 

Sorry sorry.. didn't mean to let it collect virtual dust for so long. Real busy with *bisou* bonbon-lah. Having a business is like having a child sometimes. You constantly need to give it attention and even when you're not doing anything you're still thinking about it! 

Anyhoots enough biz talk, I've been a chance to CATWALK again! It's POCC's closing event and yours truly will join the likes of Rina Omar, Sarimah Ibrahim, Genevieve Sambhi along with Pamela and Vanessa Chong in strutting down the 1 Utama's aisle in Kitschen outfits. I'll probably be able to wear just scarves and accessories given my (VERY WHOLESOME) apple body type but do come cheer if you're not doing anything that day! :)

*channeling my inner Victoria Secret Angel*

Pre-registered participants will be able to receive a goodie bag each (while stocks last). All you need to do is  send a message to POCC on Facebook (*click* here) with your full name and age. How de la simple is zat??

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