Wednesday, January 30, 2013

journey back to pocc 2012

I was ecstatic to be involved in POCC's last event of their fiscal year! It was a gathering to reflect on all the previous events that have taken place during the 'BFFs Break The Silence' campaign. A catwalk sponsored by Kitschen was involved and I even got to emcee abit :)

Afew days prior to the event The POCC ambassadors and myself were invited to select our outfits at Kitschen, 1Utama. I figured with Kitschen being an asian label, the sizing would be on the smaller purview so I'd prolly just end up with a scarf or something that doesn't require me squeezing my belly in. Turns out the Kitschen experience wasn't quite good after all and they're a homegrown label too! They have got a variety of clothes to cater party animals, disco divas, festival hippies, corporate snobs, sporty chicks and even plain janes! I dont know why I've never really shopped here. And I could quite squeeze myself into a couple of L sizes (albeit not everything but that's a given) too which is a treat!

Will it be the batik and coral top jumpsuit? Or the leopart print harem pants? Or the floaty  jumpsuit?

So the instagrammers voted aye to the first choice which was also my preferred outfit. Alas! I was way too FAT for that. Afew minutes into stuffing my lower abdominals into the suit, the garter cinched into my hips so hard that I felt my lower limbs go a little numb. I had to bid goodbye to it and opt for the flowy jumpsuit. Wasn't too keen on the colour but hey beggars cannot be choosers. I didn't even think to accessorize myself until the person in charge pointed out Sarimah's chosen necklaces. I can be quite clueless when it came to styling myself LOL.

Have you done your pap smear lately?

I had the impression my emcee bit was gonna be just light fluff like "Good afternoon.. take your seats... the show is about to start...". So imagine my *gulp* when it turned out to be 1.5 pages long! Everyone seemed to have far more experience standing behind the podium in comparison with me and even though the crowd was light I really wouldn't wanna pull a King George VI (King's Speech)! Alot of repetitive speed reading was done that morning... 'twas like freakin' medical biochemistry viva all over again!

L-R: demure Pamela Chong, vixen Sarimah Ibrahim, charming Vanessa Chong, sassy Rina Omar and moi :)

The catwalk went down good. I'm proud to say I didn't fall and the scarf did draw attention away from my flab so good that I chose it. The difference between REAL celebs and fake-it-till-you-make-it c-listers like me is that when I took the stage everyone kinda went: Shelb..who? Who is that? Never see her on tv pun! LOL I found it hilarious that everyone went wide eyed like there was a pink elephant in the room :D

Mmmy: Wahhh nice picture wor.. lucky you don't look so puiipuii (fatty fatty) here eh! All the girls so slim and breautifooo!
moi: *lost for words* -_-

There was a competition after that to guess the amount of our outfit. Sarimah's was the most expensive. I think mine was prolly one of the cheapest at approximately RM250 for a jumpsuit + scarf + bangle + chain. Not too shabby huh? Oh and the snacks were great! If there's one thing I enjoy is mini food... oh you know mini sandwich, mini pie, etc.. I give thumbs up to that and the yummy iced lemon tea!

The very sexy Rina whose vast knowledge about reptiles floors me! Will need to get some cobra tuition from this spicy chica soon. She is now the content producer of Masterchef Malaysia woohoo!

There were Kitschen vouchers in our goodie bags which was awesome 'cos I so wanna get that leopard print harem pants. My CNY uniform will all be courtesy of Kitschen. Thank you POCC! Thank you Kitschen!

Made it on Harian Metro like whoah. Yalah LIMA selebriti, me blogger mah. Can we not be politically correct on this matter so I can kembang abit?

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