Saturday, January 12, 2013

handmade has got a hold on my heart

My Whimsy Whimsical haul just came in the mail today! A steadfast fan of her work, this fellow Malaysian's illustration has got a hold on my heart! 

Yeevon's a demure (I'm guessing and purely based on her docile work) illustrator who makes warm and comforting stationery: Whimsy Whimsical. My favourite being her greeting cards. I've stalked her on Etsy since forever and used to buy my stash in Kaleidoscope. Her affectionate woodland creatures remind me of Wind in The Willows and my favourite characters are Mrs Rabbit and Mr Skunk :) Visit her Etsy shop: here!

Thanks to succulents gifts (and previous lesson) from Murni and MaykeMe's meaty mini hedgehogs, I made Mmmy and myself petite window sill friends to keep us company when we wash dishes! 

Jia Mayne of maykeMe, sister of the equally talented Jia Wen of inkypots, is a petite cheerful Malaysian clay crafter currently residing in Singapore. I once wiped out her entire Abominable Snowman + Snowwoman magnet collection at Christmas last year. My friends thought they were such a laugh! I was never really interested in her clay hedgehogs (featured in the top row image below) previously until the Meaty Minis came about (bottom row image below)! Sure tugged on my heartstrings the moment I laid eyes on them :) So with some lingering knowledge imparted from Murni during the last Craft Party I whipped up succulent pots with Daiso ramekins.. each with a resident Meaty Mini (Hedgehog)! Aren't they most adorable?? Visit her Etsy shop: here!

Image credit: ilovedoodle

Lim Heng Swee of ilovedoodle is one of the most successful Malaysians on Etsy. An illustrator and visual artist, Heng Swee delivers heartfelt messages via chirpy jocund 'doodles'. My absolute favourite is 'Hugs Keep Us Alive' which features smiling internal organs embracing each other. LOL how cute is that?? I haven't bought that picture yet. Plan to get it in A3 size for the future clinic. I did, though, manage to get his Rainbow Collection when he was exhibiting at Art Row, Publika. Visit his Etsy shop: here!

Malaysian handmade at its best. I truly aspire *bisou* bonbon to join the ranks of these elite Etsians. Lookout for more features on local handmade articles :)

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