Thursday, January 31, 2013

coptic book binding class with little syam at lapan

Have you been to Lapan?

Good crafting friends GeeGee, Little Syam and Oh + Ah have collaborated to open this spectacular pop up shop over at Art Row, Publika. Over here you will find wonderful handmade polymer clay jewellery, printscreen art, binded books, plush toys, home decor, accessories and printed bags.

Sent the Lapan gang a wee congratulatory succulent bouquet.

Image courtesy of Little Syam.

Image courtesy of Oh + Ah.

I've forgotten how to bind books! So I decided to take a coptic stitch class with the book-binding maestro Syam. Syam has pretty much taught everyone who is currently teaching or selling stitched books locally. That's me trying to gloat on her behalf because she truly deserves this credit! She's very humble that way. Also she is sooo patient and terribly transparent which makes her an amazing teacher. You should see her having to deal with our group: attention-deficit me, confused Katrina and befuddled Alison. If it weren't for her tudung, Syam would've pulled her hair out in exasperation :D She'd explain the instructions to us... we'd nod our heads pretending we understand and when she was done, ask her how again. And she would reexplain very nicely, sometimes having to repeat herself thrice... oops!

In the end we all managed to finish our books and I was last of course as I tend to be. Too much yapping and eating and not enough binding :D

Clockwise from L: Syam showing us how to get it done (she is SO demure I can't stand it! *geram*), the finished product, the tools required for the arduous process.

Wikipedia: Coptic binding or Coptic sewing comprises methods of bookbinding employed by early Christians in Egypt, the Copts, and used from as early as the 2nd century AD to the 11th century. I've always felt it's such a charm to learn a skill that dates back to the ancient years. I decided it would be rather fun to do some stitching to kill time in the village during CNY. Boring nak mampus mah. No internet. No Astro. No air-conditioning. Don't tell my husband I said his village is boring ah.

Syam giving me some *bisou* lovin'. Me couldn't be bothered with that because loopings require utmost concentration.

Visualizing the knot! And still I failed... LOL.

Even crafters take classes: Syam (our Yoda sifu), moi, Alison of Mettaville, Katrina Gumal

Visit Little Syam's website (*click here*) to find out about upcoming classes or just to see the fabulous work she's done. My favourite being the custom 'Our Adventure Book' (remember 'Up'?), Kuda - unicorn plush and binded books (but of course!).

Also do visit Lapan to learn more about local talents in the handmade art and craft industry:
No.55 Art Row
Solaris Dutamas
Jalan Dutamas 1
50480 Kuala Lumpur
15 Dec - 15 Mar 2013
Mon - Sun 1000-2000

P.S. images courtesy of Little Syam, Oh+Ah


ms.bulat said...

thanks fr sharing this! will definitely check the place out at publika! :)

shelbybaby said...

ms bulat: it certainly is my pleasure and i hope you have a fine time learning should you attend one of syam's book binding class :)

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