Monday, September 17, 2012

love is a four-letter word, the concert

Little did I realize that I actually am quite the fan of Mraz. Mr A-Z aside, I have all the other albums and have listened to each and every one of 'em religiously. I actually had to buy ANOTHER 'We sing, We dance, We steal things'  cos I listened to the one I had to its freaking death. I mean he pretty much wrote this song for me. Literally. So you can imagine my absolute excitement to know that Mraz was in town for the new album tour!

Ayo where the hell did time go 'cos his last concert was 3 years AGO. Whaaat?? 0_0

Aisay this album is mush man. Very the blues. Pakcik Mraz is ready to settle down mah hence the vibe. Read somewhere he recently proposed to his long-time girlfriend (also a singer but not feh-mes one).

I went to the concert with Miss TanTan ' cos she was eager to watch Jason perform 'Lucky'  live along with her 2 work bosses who are mega Mraz fans. Kalah aku. I went to Stadium Merdeka in a taxi from work and arrived 2.5 hours early. Everyone in the clinic was in awe of me going to a rock concert on a week day. Woi I'm cool like that OK! So I bought a Ramly burger, 100 plus, sat on the curb.. side prophet *ahem* I digress.. and waited for the rest to arrive.

Waiting for my rocket to come.

Everyone was so young. Goodness gracious.

I bought a concert T-shirt. Original-lah apalagi. When Miss TanTan arrived, we went back to her car so I could change into concert gear! I felt like I was bloody 16 again, stripping at the back seat of the car! Just that instead of Converse sneakers I had orthopaedic shoes on! Heh. We bought the RM200+ tickets ' cos these overused 30-something knees will not be able to last the 2-hour concert without sitting down. When I was young I always wondered apart from lucky ducks, which senior citizen in hell buys those sorta tickets and where is the fun in that?? Well I know now what I didn't know then. And that geriatric fan: it's me-lah.

The concert was SUPER! It was WAYYY better than the last (more songs!) and his performance was mesMRAZing. I was so kiasu that I actually went trawling through the internet in search of his stage setlist and actually found a site that showcased setlists from his shows in Korea and China. He had a brass team and a violinist giving the whole show that ska edge. I was on my feet the entire show and how could you not be when Uncle Mraz goes," Saya berjemput anda semua untuk berdiri dan ber-rock n’ roll dengan saya!” and dove into The Dynamo of Volition. I literally went M-E-N-T-A-L and screamed my lungs out! He had little dance steps and lotsa pelvic moves (ooOOooh... did you not ooOOooh with me?? I said PELVIC... you know pelvic ooOoooh). 

We have the same t-shirt!! We must be soul mates!!

I teared when he sang my favourite song. Ok fine I teared twice. Once during 'A Beautiful Mess' and the other in '93 Million Miles'. I pretty much blacked out the crowd. It was like as if Jason was speaking to me. Indeed I had a Mrazgsm :D Mraz is my F-O-U-R letter word!


Mr Lonely said...

walking here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =)

Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

Best Training said...

It seems a good concert, isn't it?

shelbybaby said...

mr lonely: you take care too and bon journee!

best training: it WAS a smashing concert! worth every single sen.. and more :D

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