Thursday, July 05, 2012

handmade kl craft party: teapot succulent garden

It's the time of the year again when Murni of MimpiMurni hosts yet another fabulous crafting shebang! It's certainly something I look forward to annually and it totally bums me out when I can't make it. I've been to her decoupage and t-shirt refashion craft party which were the shizzles to my dizzles (I have no idea what I meant by that.. I assume it's Snoop talk for 'the bees knees')! I cut Anti-Aging class for crafting class. Guess that says alot about me!

Trust me I, too, never knew what a succulent was. I know what a cactus is. I know we use the word 'succulent' to describe juicy steak or watery fruits like papayas. Turns out succulents are cactus cousins but they ain't got no thorns and their fleshy parts are known to retain water. They're popular as ornamental plants 'cos they look really bizarre and cute and are supposedly pretty hardy.. being able to survive in dry areas and all. But you know me-lah, I've got what people call a black thumb. Nothing flora thrives, heck, nothing flora SURVIVES under my care ever! Hardy ke tak hardy hmm.. nahas any plants that goes under my care!

The variety of succulents are astounding. Look what Murni let us choose from. I had no idea where to start!

Clockwise from top Left: Murni's work (so nice hor?), Murni showing us the ropes... *sigh* she makes it look all too easy, my table spread: big rocks little rocks..

The fun part was curating the succulent arrangements. The not-so-fun part was packing the earth in with the spoon. and blowing out the free soil. 

I took a flag outta the mini burgers (wondermilk snacks which were YUM) and stuck it into my teapot garden. What a difference a flag makes!

Look at the Jiar sisters of Trendy Confession giving some serious blow job (pun intended lol)!

Checkout the winner of 'Most Creative': Li!

Hey hey hey guess who's Miss Congeniality?? :) C'est moi *sheepish* 

Oooh how succulent is this tea??  Crafting makes people happy!

Another spectacular Craft Party by Murni. I think I can safely say on behalf of others that we had a tremendously good time! I know I did!

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P.S. Disclaimer: Certain images courtesy of Handmade KL

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