Sunday, June 03, 2012

i tres must have this: ladurée x hello kitty

I'll probably miss this by the time I get to Paris in summer (yes, I'm going.. AGAIN) which is a real shame 'cos take a look at this! Isn't this tres excellént?? Love it love it love it!

What happens when macaron mogul collaborates with kawaii kitty?? An explosion of Ladurée x Hello Kitty candylicious stationery and macaron boxes! Look at that pop-up box. Wonderful, just wonderful.


Stefi said...

I love Ladurée and this is perfect :)

sassyshann said...

OMG THEY ARE SO CUTE. Hello Kitty & macarons are a dream! Too bad we don't have Laduree in Perth :(


shelbybaby said...

stefi: it is isn't it? *happy sigh*

sassyshann: i missed this collection too.. darn KL without Laduree as well!

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