Sunday, April 29, 2012

last week shelbinstagramd

Made the husband a low-calorie fat-free dinner.

My clittoria is doing fine. Thanks to the husband's green thumb.

I ♥ Las Vacas, Mont Kiara grain fed rib eye.  

From the KL hoods to home.

Problem with not having a 'nose' is your face mask rests on your lower eye lid!

Mother's Day brunch @ Li Yen, Ritz Carlton. Peking duck is my fave.

It's all about superfood these days. The goji and pomegranate ones were yum!

A 'bring sexy back' soap  A *bisou* bonbon limited edition.

Toto I don't think we're in Setapak anymore..!

Things have been abit gloomy lately so a sunday morning flower bath to cleanse & brighten the aura is essential!

Mandi bunga time...

♥ foccacia cheese sandwich made by bff with love...
HEART PART (part fork-knife-scoop) available at *bisou* rose.

I also ♥ Prosecco with strawberry bits!

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