Wednesday, April 18, 2012

last week shelbinstagramd

♥ nasi lemak packet.
N.B. HEART PARTS (part fork-knife-scoop) are now available in 5 colours at *bisou* rose

I ♥ RT bakery Hokkaido cake. 

GAWD I miss stroop wafels!

*bisou* bonbon gifts for boy besties! 

We got soap wraps! All hail designer extraordinaire Lisa of Oxoloco..

Din Tai Fung eggs before war. 

♥ Kanna banana leaf rice.

Parentals having a momentary tongue paralysis from crazy Hunan food. Happy Bday Dddy!

Just stocked what's left of the soaps in Kaleidoscope @ Publika! The next batch completes curing in a fortnight .

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