Sunday, April 29, 2012

last week shelbinstagramd

Made the husband a low-calorie fat-free dinner.

My clittoria is doing fine. Thanks to the husband's green thumb.

I ♥ Las Vacas, Mont Kiara grain fed rib eye.  

From the KL hoods to home.

Problem with not having a 'nose' is your face mask rests on your lower eye lid!

Mother's Day brunch @ Li Yen, Ritz Carlton. Peking duck is my fave.

It's all about superfood these days. The goji and pomegranate ones were yum!

A 'bring sexy back' soap  A *bisou* bonbon limited edition.

Toto I don't think we're in Setapak anymore..!

Things have been abit gloomy lately so a sunday morning flower bath to cleanse & brighten the aura is essential!

Mandi bunga time...

♥ foccacia cheese sandwich made by bff with love...
HEART PART (part fork-knife-scoop) available at *bisou* rose.

I also ♥ Prosecco with strawberry bits!

Saturday, April 28, 2012


"Look at the stars, look how they shine for you, and EVERYTHING you do.."

♥ Be safe babydolls!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

evangelione: the feast

I will have to give Evangelione's exhibition: The Feast a pass *sad sigh* as I will not be around but I do hope you babydolls will help me live vicariously through your cinematic eyes. Link me up s'il vous plait :)

Mademoiselle Pipit

Mademoiselle Fallene

Mademoiselle Pipit and Mademoiselle Fox

Mademoiselle Hare

Mademoiselle Unicorn

Miss Unicorn is tres ethereal, non? Love love love.

Disclaimer: all images courtesy of Evangelione

last week shelbinstagramd

♥ nasi lemak packet.
N.B. HEART PARTS (part fork-knife-scoop) are now available in 5 colours at *bisou* rose

I ♥ RT bakery Hokkaido cake. 

GAWD I miss stroop wafels!

*bisou* bonbon gifts for boy besties! 

We got soap wraps! All hail designer extraordinaire Lisa of Oxoloco..

Din Tai Fung eggs before war. 

♥ Kanna banana leaf rice.

Parentals having a momentary tongue paralysis from crazy Hunan food. Happy Bday Dddy!

Just stocked what's left of the soaps in Kaleidoscope @ Publika! The next batch completes curing in a fortnight .

Monday, April 16, 2012

the big bang birthday! la gomera + acme + bistro a table

It's my party, and I'll cry if I want to

... Lesley Gore ...

Love my birthday week! LOVE LOVE LOVE :)

It was an organized-birthday-dinner-turned-surprise-celebration over at La Gomera. I had initially purchased some GroupOn vouchers to belanja my new crafting friends in lieu of my birthday. Little did I know Miss MeiMei and Miss BongBong (later joined by Ah Nicho) went trawling around town fetching stuff to decor the place up! Now you know how I just love a decorated party :D 

Guess the theme??

It was so nice to be with friends that day. Everyone closed shop / left work early to come to dinner. So awesome :)

L-R: Miss Kain of Fabric Fanatics, Miss Badges of iHeartBadges, Miss Bangle of Soak Republic

L-R: Miss JennJenn of EmoEgo, Ah Nichol of Moo Clay, Miss Kain

L-R: Miss Buih of Bubble Lab, Ah Lix

L-R: Ah Keit, Miss Buku of NotbookNotbuk

I'm so old that I need 3 people to light up all my candles LOL!

You can't really see but they're sparkling candles (yup like THAT birthday) on a Rui Patisserie cake. So yum!

La Gomera
Block E-LG-1 & 2
NEO Damansara
Jalan PJU 8/1
Bandar Damansara Perdana
47820 Petaling Jaya

Tel: +603 7710 0262

Then it was birthday brunch with the parental units. Guy was outstation. Boo. Still I was keen to have a nice brunch with them both. It was a lovely late morning and all I could think of was.. man this is good weather for:

Acme Bar & Coffee @ Troika!

Oh goodness this is such an exciting place. Something about it screams Dick Tracy, non? So New York in the 30s. I could just imagine a sophisticated lady rushing in from the rain in her Burberry trench seating herself afew tables away from me and settling into the warmth as she await her lover to join her table. Very matured but classy ambience. The parentals like it too though Mmmy thinks it's a little too sunny for her liking.

Weekend brunches are best enjoyed with a gadget in hand.

The mushroom soup was sublime.

Le cocktail before noon? But of course! Yeayy to the existence of Mojitos!

Baked eggs: good. Hebi aglia olio pasta thing... not so...

Damn my hair is f*cked. My poor tresses.. I've put it through way to much. It sucks to have sh*tty hair on my birthday. Other than that, nice day out :)

Dress: Dorothy Perkins

Acme Bar + Coffee
Unit G1 The Troika
19 Persiaran KLCC
50450 Kuala Lumpur
Wilayah Persekutuan
Tel: +603 2162 2288

And the gastronomical indulgence doesn't end yet. I was very fortunate to have Miss ChongChong buy me my ultimate happy food: French :) I picked out cosy Bistro á Table as I've always been curious about the chic little corner shop in a nondescript part of Section 17. I would suggest making reservations 'cos the place does get pretty packed (given the small area) and given that French cuisine can be pretty elaborate you will be waiting quite awhile. I'm sorry but I won't leave my table just because you didn't make a reservation. Miss ChongCHong insisted I brought Guy along which was very sweet of her.

Suspended lightbulbs and orchid plants gives the space such a demure quality. Understated chic. Also if your party is of 4 pax and below you get a somewhat 'private' table enclosed by peekaboo organza curtains. Sexy!

Maple Syrup Coddled Egg with Fleur de Sel and Crouton Dust. SO GOOD!

Sorry peeps I forgot what this is. It's scallop and lobster cannelloni I think 0_0

This is Guy's. I forget too. It's a duck dish. 


Brassiere: H&M
Dress: Dorothy Perkins

A member of my urban family. We have indeed come a long way since high school.

The food is mind blowing and most of all the dining experience there was excellént! The intimacy was very comforting and it's not snooty at all.. in fact it's cosy. A cosy French restaurant. That's almost paradise I tell you. Yea it's hefty-lah but worth the savings. I've heard that her degustation dinners are WILD and must-do for culinary daredevils out there! G*d I love her coddled eggs.

Chef Isadora, upon special request from Miss ChongChong, wished me caramel kisses. She is so sweet and friendly. The pomelo pavlova is L.O.V.E!

This is Chef Isadora the uber talented and gorgeous owner / chef of Bistro a Table. What gorgeous hair!

Bistro á Table
6 Jalan 17/54
46400 Petaling Jaya
Tel: +603 7931 2831

Sunday, April 08, 2012

art for grabs in colourful assembly

This has nothing to do with AFG but it was Miss Badges' birthday! Weeee! We wanted to surprise her with a cake and dinner post-bazaar but she ended up surprising us by running off to have dinner with her family. We're such awful strategist. 'Happy' didn't have an A candle as I used it prior... oops! 

*bisou* bonbon's been blessed with custom orders lately. This was something we whipped up for a blushing bride. It has a 'something old something new' theme  :)

This was my favourite *bisou* bonbon project. It was frantic running around the city looking for a suitable picnic basket and most of all to collect everything together but in the end everything turned out good. It was a custom order by the lady's colleagues. I called this the Zen Basket. I imagined her (the corporate lady that she was), taking an evening off to give herself a spa treatment by soaking in a lavender infused bath and inhaling the essential oil, letting it work its magic (cue body scrub followed by lip scrub, face loofah soap, hair spritzer and lip balm). After that she curls herself in her favourite nook in the house, sips on stout marshie hot cocoa and proceeds to read her favourite book (hopefully a bonkbuster!). Shall we all *sighhhh* together?

Art For Grabs is now one of my favourite indie bazaars. Being there makes me feel so proud of my craft. The creative comes alive and you see the artsy-fartsies come out to play, unashamed to profess their love for culture and most of all steadfastly supportive of fellow artists. Turns out, Malaysia does have a thriving art scene! Thank goodness for that!

Love thy neighbours. Never felt so strongly... it was a row of familiar faces. We all had such a ball!

My favourite Michelle's Artisan Fruit Jam flavour is Mango with Passion Fruit. What's yours?

Uncle Prawn of Moo Creative makes tres cute animal clay figurines. 

Fancy a personalized hand-stamped accessory from EmoEgo?

Miss Bubbles of The Bubble Lab makes aromatic glycerine soaps. Aren't her oil burners lovely?

Miss Notbook of Notbook-Notbuk makes fantastic notebooks and journals! The googly-eye pocket notebooks are just too cute!

It's an eclectic collection of handmade accessories and jewellery over at Bliss Wonderland.

This was my favourite stall that day! Karung Guni's a brainchild of this wonderful young mad Alex who lives to promote planting for the busy urban dweller. Sounds like moi, non? I've always wanted to grow something but I just don't know what or how to. Karung Guni makes planting easy.. Sunflowers? Passion fruit tree? Wheatgrass? You say nay.. he says hey!

Guerilla gardening.

Miss Pupur of Pupurin recently underwent a rebranding makeover and they now stock fabric for crafts along with DIY Pupumon plushies. Uber cute and I admire their heartfelt effort to encourage crafting in the community. 

Soon I can have homegrown wheatgrass shots!

I bought truckloadsa terrariums from Karung Guni. These 'real' terrariums put my faux Wonderrariums to shame. Tee hee!

*bisou* bonbon had an honour to make a custom order for a bridal shower party. The theme was floral. I had a vision for the table to be a garden of English roses and hydrangeas. Needless to say, they loved it!

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