Wednesday, February 15, 2012

valentine's 2012

Valentine's Day. It's a man's nightmare and a woman's heavenly castle in the air. F*ck the haters. I don't care if it's horribly commercialized and neither do I bother that everything is 3-fold their normal price.

I've never had a proper Valentine's Day celebration. I've never had a boyfriend in my teen / young adult life. Most of my Valentine's celebration encompassed either crooning to Celine Dion's 'All By Myself' ala Bridget Jones, joining the Singles Night Out at the local club / bar or having a platonic get-together with other single mates. It was our first Valentine's in KL and I was hoping that Guy would at LEAST book us dinner.

I was chatting with my head pharmacist during our break regarding his Valentine's Day plans. He was going to take his wife to Italiennies (not the most romantic place in the world but A for efforts anyways) 'cos everywhere else was fully booked out. I wondered if Guy had put in the same effort as the other bloke. At around 3pm into the day Guy sends me a msg asking me to make a reservation anywhere.


Anywhere at 3pm?




Obviously it was impossible to locate a decent restaurant at this height of time. Add that to the excruciating traffic with everyone out to paint the town red, I arrived home late, unhappy and hungry. It was just like any other evening. I was thoroughly disappointed. He could have just gotten me KFC or sushi takeaway with some tea lights + balloons and I would have been pleasantly surprised. But he didn't and that made me sad. I threw a tantrum and he receded to the tele. I cried myself to sleep that night and he slept on the couch. He probably felt I was too petty. I felt he took romance for granted. I felt he took me for granted. And that hurts. And worst of all, this year added yet another number to the list of crappy Valentine's.

The next day we made up and he took me out for paella. It was lovely. It would have been lovelier if this was yesterday. Let's hope he redeems himself next year eh?

Hope y'all had a better Valentine's than I did. Where did you go for dinner?


Anonymous said...

At least you have a replacement the next day :) My hubby is totally against Valentine's Day! There's nothing I could do to change that.. not even an ultimatum!

shelbybaby said...

anon: ah well.. call me spoilt but a replacement day isn't the same as the day itself unless we planned for it to be replaced on some other day. just the sentiment of things. i'm sorry to hear that your hubby doesn't believe in valentine's day. it really boggles me what men have against valentine's day. it's as trivial to them as leaving the toilet seat up :D

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